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Paralegal Studies

Paralegal Course Descriptions

*PS-100, Introduction to the Law and Ethics
An introduction to law and the legal system. Topics include how laws are made and how they affect society; federal, state and local court systems; language of the legal profession; legal case analysis; the paralegal’s role and ethics. 26 hrs.
Please note: *PS 100 Introduction to Law MUST be taken first.
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PS-101, Legal Writing for Paralegals
This course covers basic writing skills, including grammar, spelling and punctuation, with a focus on the type of writing particular to legal environments. Students will learn how to analyze and brief case law and provide proper New York citation for various types of law. This course will also cover the drafting of legal letters and legal memoranda. 24 hrs.
Prerequisite: A foundation in basic grammar; English as first language or high fluency.
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PS-102, Legal Research
This provides an essential foundation in the methods of legal research, including effective use of the law library and primary legal source materials. Lectures and assignments emphasize the proper procedures for researching state and federal statutes, finding legal precedents based on court decisions, and using legal encyclopedias, digests, and Sheppard’s Citations. 24 hrs.
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PS-103, Litigation I
Explore the civil lawsuit from service of summons to complaint, responsive pleadings, and preparation for trial. The class emphasizes substantive law concerning jurisdiction, venue, statutes of limitation, proper service of pleadings, disclosure, motion practice and calendar practice. Assignments include preparation of litigation-related documents. 28 hrs.
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PS-104, Litigation II
Continuation of Litigation I includes trial preparation, rules of evidence, judgment, and appeal. Even more than in Litigation I, you will get practical experience in document preparation. Prerequisite: PS-103. 28 hrs.
Litigation II may be taken at the same time as electives.
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PS-200, Personal Injury Torts & Insurance Law
Explore personal injury litigation and various forms of tort liability, including negligence, malpractice, and product liability from both plaintiff’s and defendant’s perspective. You will consider the importance of insurance and learn about your rights under the standard New York automobile liability policy. 24 hrs.
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PS-203, Bankruptcy Law
Given the increase in bankruptcy filings, paralegals need to understand bankruptcy law. This course provides practical information on bankruptcy of individuals and corporations, and addresses the rights of both debtors and creditors. Students learn to prepare and file bankruptcy petitions. 24 hrs.
Not being offered this semester

PS-204, Family Law
Basic course in substantive and procedural law concerning matrimonial practice covers Family Court and Supreme Court jurisdiction and procedure, divorce, separation, annulment and dissolution, and equitable distribution of marital assets. Also: pretrial motions, discovery, maintenance (alimony), child support and custody, preparation of judgments, calendar practice, enforcement and modification of judgments. 24 hrs.
Not being offered this semester

PS-205, Wills, Trusts & Estates
Students will receive instruction on the preparation and use of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care proxies, living wills, and other related legal documents. 24 hrs.
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PS-206, Criminal Law
This introduction to criminal law--from arrest, arraignment, and motion practice through trial and appeal--includes topics of search and seizure, warrants, grand jury proceedings, pretrial discovery, pretrial motions, and speedy trial. You will prepare motions, memoranda of law, and other relevant documents. 24 hrs.
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PS-208, Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code
Principles of contract law, including offer, acceptance, and consideration, are covered. The course explores the law of contracts and its effect on everyday business transactions, with special attention to the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.). 24 hrs.
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PS-209, Corporation Law
Focusing on the dominant business entity in the United States, this course covers the corporation’s legal characteristics, analyzes New York Business Corporation law, and examines the legal relationship between the corporation and its shareholders, board of directors and officers. Students become familiar with relevant legal forms by preparing corporate-related documents. 24 hrs.
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PS-210, Paralegal Internship
An internship supplements course training with practical skills gained on the job. A limited number of internships are available in public agencies and private law firms; placement is not guaranteed. Interns are required to work 24, 7-hour days or 168 hours part-time arranged with placement, and they must speak periodically with the instructor. Grading is pass/fail, and a passing grade depends on a satisfactory evaluation from the employer. The internship program is open only to students who have satisfactorily completed all required courses and have at least a 3.0 average. To apply for an internship, you must submit a memorandum of law, a recent résumé, letters of recommendation from two paralegal instructors, and you must be interviewed by the instructor before registering. To schedule an interview, call 718-997-5709.
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PS-213, Elder Law
Elder law is one of the fastest growing areas of legal practice and addresses many of the legal issues affecting older persons and their families. Topics include planning for long-term and/or nursing home care, with an emphasis on personal, legal and tax implications of such planning; Medicare; Medicaid; Social Security; advanced directives, such as the Health Care Proxy and Durable Power of Attorney; and guardianships. 24 Hours.
Not being offered this semester

PS-215, Real Property Law
Students are introduced to real estate transactions and principles of law including contracts of sale, deeds, leases, landlord and tenant relations, liens, easements, and other encumbrances, supplementary real estate instruments, bonds, and mortgages, title search, insurance closing and recording, cooperatives, condominiums, and home ownership. The course gives detailed instruction on drafting and preparing conveyances and other real property instruments in common usage. 24 hrs.
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PS-216, Immigration Law and Procedures
This course presents the substantive and procedural aspects of U.S. immigration law, including nonimmigrant visas, labor certification, adjustment of status, visa processing, exclusion, deportation, and naturalization. Provides detailed instruction in the drafting and preparation of labor certification application, immigrant petitions, and other relevant forms. 24 hrs.
Not being offered this semester

PS-217, Law Office Management
This course teaches practical skills necessary for a paralegal to succed in the law office, with a focus on ethics and malpractice. 24 hrs.
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PS-222, Job Search Techniques Workshop
Free for current Queens College Paralegal Certificate students and graduates. To reserve a seat, call 718-997-5709. 3 hrs.
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PS-230, Intellectual Property
Take the first step towards becoming an intellectual property paralegal. Learn the basics of intellectual property law, how companies protect their intellectual property in the real world, how to file trademarks and copyrights online, and the effect of intellectual property on the Internet. 24 hrs.
Not being offered this semester

PS-234, Advanced Law Office Technology
For paralegals who are experienced with the basics of law office computing, this hands-on course focuses on electronically assisted legal research, specifically Westlaw and Internet sites. Also included: database creation and date entry as they relate to the production of law office documents, plus an introduction to time and case management software and the law office billing program PC law©. 24 hrs.
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PS-239, Probate Preparation for Estates
In this comprehensive survey of probate and other surrogate’s court forms, students will learn how to complete forms accurately and evaluate the essential information required in filing paperwork with the court. Each session will address many confusing issues and clarify key points about forms, statutes, and filing procedures. This class is a must to gain practical and procedural knowledge in trusts and estates practice. 24 hrs.
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PS-240, Medical Malpractice for Paralegals
This course will introduce the student to the responsibilities of a paralegal in the field of medical malpractice. It will focus on client interviews, witness interrogation, and the release of patient information and confidentiality agreements. The student will learn how to identify and understand the anatomy of malpractice with emphasis on the basic understanding of malpractice, organize evidence and assist at trials. 24 hrs.
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Continuing Professional Education Seminars

PS-318, E-Filing Seminar
The New York Unified Court System has established NYSCEF, a program that permits the filing of legal papers by electronic means. Do you know how to e-file? Do you know what e-filing is and what you will have to do? Can a clerk refuse your paper filing? The e-world is fast upon all of us, and Queens College wants to ensure that these questions are answered. This seminar will review the current state of the e-world in New York, including review of New York State's NYSCEF program and the federal system of PACER and electronic court filing/case management (ECF/CM). 4 hrs.
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PS-319, Notary Piblic Exam Prep
Prepares candidates for the New York State Notary Public Exam. Topics include legal terminology, notary public law, and qualifications for becoming a licensed notary public. Students must be U.S. citizens. 4 hrs.
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