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Transcript FAQs
1. How can I order a transcript?

The easiest way to order a transcript is to order it online via Credentials here. Only requests for official transcripts may be placed online.

Unofficial/Student Transcript Requests Only: Students who attended Queens College from 2000 to the present and wish to obtain an unofficial copy of their transcript can download it directly from their CUNYfirst Student Center. Students who attended prior to 2000 and need an unofficial transcript should download the Transcript Request Form and submit the form along with payment to the One Stop Service Center (DH 128) or by mail to the Office of the Registrar.
If you do not have a CUNYfirst account, please follow the instructions here to claim one. Click here for instructions on how to view and download the unofficial transcript.
If you experience any issues while claiming your account, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 718-997-4444.

2. Can I order transcripts for academic departments within Queens College?

No. You do not need to order transcripts online for academic departments as they can access your record if necessary. If the department has any questions, its staff members may email using their Queens College email address. Any online orders placed for the Queens College Admissions Office (Undergraduate or Graduate) and/or a Queens College academic office will be cancelled.

3. What is the fee for a transcript?

The current fee for each transcript request processed by the Office of the Registrar is $7 USD. CUNY-to-CUNY transcripts are free of charge. Online orders require a $2 USD processing fee, for a total of $9 USD per transcript request, or a total of $2 USD per CUNY transcript request.

4. What method of payment can I use when placing a request for a transcript?

If requesting transcripts:
Method of Payment:
A valid major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover).
By Mail/In Person
(Unofficial/Student Transcripts ONLY for students who attended prior to 2000)
Money order or personal check, which must include student's name, current address and CUNY ID number or Social Security number; or, cash only at the Bursar's Office, Jefferson Hall - Room 200. Do not send cash via mail.

5. What type of transcripts do you issue?

Queens College issues three types of transcripts:
Type of Transcript:
Only issued to students who attended prior to 2000. All students who attended from 2000 to present must log into their CUNYfirst account and download their unofficial transcript through their Student Center. Click here for instructions on how to view and download the unofficial transcript.

Any student requesting an unofficial transcript must download and fill out the Transcript Request Form and submit it with payment.
Mailed directly to employers, schools, or other institutions.
Officially Sealed for Third Party
These transcripts are not for personal use by the student. They are mailed to the student only when the request indicates the name of the institution or employer, the city, and the state where the transcript will be forwarded by the student. Typically, an officially sealed transcript is required when it must be included with an application packet, which will be forwarded by the student to the institution or employer.

6. How long does it take to process transcripts?
Online orders are generally processed within one to two business days after the order has been authorized and approved. Paper requests are processed within three to five days of receipt.

7. Can I have my current grades and/or degree notation included on my transcript?

Yes. Students can indicate whether they want their current semester grades and/or degree conferral notation on their transcript. They must indicate this on the designated section of the transcript request. If there is no such indication, transcript requests will be processed as is.

8. Can I pick up a transcript?

Yes. At the student's request, a transcript may be picked up no earlier than three business days after the request is received. Transcripts may be picked up by the student at the Office of the Registrar (JH 100). If the student does not ask to pick up the transcript, it will be mailed directly to the recipient listed on the request

9. Will I be notified if there is a problem with processing my transcript?

Yes. The Office of the Registrar will attempt to reach you by phone and/or email if there is any difficulty in processing your transcript request. All accompanying documents and a letter explaining the reason why your request was not granted will be returned by mail if we are unable to reach you.
10. If there is a hold (negative service indicator or stop) on my record, will it prevent me from obtaining a transcript?
Yes. All Queens College holds (negative service indicators or stops) will need to be cleared with the appropriate office or CUNY college before the Office of the Registrar can honor your transcript request. Please note that some CUNY-wide  holds (holds from other colleges) may also prohibit transcript printing.
11. Can a transcript be e-mailed or faxed to other institutions?
No. Our office does not transmit transcripts electronically, and they cannot be emailed or faxed to students or institutions.

12. Can someone else request and/or pick up a transcript for me?

Yes, with student's authorization. The request must include a signed letter from the student along with a copy of the original picture ID with the student's signature on it. The letter must cite the student's name, CUNYfirst ID number or SSN, address, telephone number, approximate dates of attendance, and graduation date if applicable. The name of the person picking up the request must also be included. Finally, the person picking up the request will have to be properly identified with either a driver's license or another form of valid signed picture ID.
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