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With lectures, readings, music, and art exhibitions, Queens College is especially busy in November. Whatever your age or your interest, we’re sure to offer something that will appeal to you. Stop by our beautiful, 80-acre campus and experience Queens College for yourself!

On this page we highlight just a handful of the activities scheduled at QC this month. To find a comprehensive listing, visit the QC monthly calendar and also the CUNY Month site.

But Queens College is more than just events. Check out our Study Abroad program, one of the most active and diverse programs in New York City, to see where in the world your education can take you. And we invite you to take a tour of our campus to find out more about what a Queens College education is all about.


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Year of South Africa

Each year Queens College offers cultural and academic programming focusing on a different nation—an endeavor that reflects the college’s commitment to global education. The focus during academic year 2014-15 is on the Republic of South Africa, the country that produced leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and Steven Biko; writers such as Nadine Gordimer, Bessie Head, Alan Paton, J. M. Coetzee, Mark Mathabane, and Athol Fugard; a multifaceted tourist industry that includes heritage sites, wildlife preservation, renowned vineyards, and surf destinations; globally popular musicians such as Hugh Masekela and Die Antwoord; and award-winning films such as Oliver Schmitz’s Mapantsula and Chris Curling and Pascoe Macfarlane’s Last Grave at Dimbaza.

South Africa has also had a vexed history, one that includes the era of Apartheid, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s public airing of the nation’s traumatic history under this regime, and widely documented struggles with HIV and AIDS. During the Year of South Africa, the Queens College community will explore the country’s past, present, and future: its politics, society, economy, and ethnicities, as well as its art, literature, music, and film.


Last Grave at Dimbaza (1974)

Directed by Chris Curling and Pascoe Macfarlane

Thursday November 6, 4:45 pm
Rathaus Hall 209

Last Grave at Dimbaza“In 1969, a small group of South African exiles and British film students formed Morena Films in London to produce films about the apartheid. In 1974 they produced one of the first, and certainly the most influential, films about apartheid. Last Grave at Dimbaza—shot clandestinely in South Africa and smuggled out of the country—had an enormous impact on global opinion at a critical moment in the struggle against apartheid, revealing to audiences worldwide the shocking inequalities between whites and blacks in South Africa. It went on to win major awards at many international film festivals.”—Icarus Films


Mapantsula (1988)

Directed by Oliver Schmitz

Thursday, November 13, 4:45 pm
Rathaus Hall 209

MapantsulaThe lead character in Mapantsula, a thief named Panic, is such an unflappable pickpocket that he can steal a man’s wallet and then stand there, switchblade in hand, rifling through the wallet’s contents, silently daring his victim to challenge him. He’s such a skilled shoplifter that he can wrap each half of a man’s suit tightly around one of his calves, holding the merchandise in place with heavy socks. And Panic is good with the ladies, too. This fine and caustic South African film, directed by Oliver Schmitz and written by him and Thomas Mogotlane, who plays Panic, is the story of Panic’s transformation. To depict the process whereby Panic is radicalized, Schmitz gives the film a dual time frame. Mapantsula (the title means something like gangster) cuts back and forth between scenes of a freewheeling, unreconstructed Panic on the streets and a warier man who is now in jail.

Art Exhibit

African Art from the Godwin-Ternbach’s Permanent Collection

Godwin-Ternbach Museum
Through August 2015

MandellaThe selection of artwork focuses primarily on ritual objects and masks, but also includes textiles and currency. Throughout history, objects have served as symbols of spiritual and material power. The masks on display are all associated with strong religious and spiritual beliefs that influence the way a community responds to them. The functions of masks are as complex and varied as their forms. Alongside the African objects is a display of anti-apartheid posters, pins, and documents that aims to provide some sense of the political struggle against the violent system of racial segregation that was in place in South Africa for much of the 20th century. The documents and reproductions are examples of the visual material that was used all over the world in the decades-long protest of the treatment of black South Africans.


Leonard Bernstein’s Mass 

Saturday and Sunday, November 1 & 2, 8 pm
Colden Auditorium

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  Open House     Undergraduate Open House 

Sunday, November 2, Noon-3 pm
Dining Hall

This afternoon session will answer all your questions and show you why Queens College should be your first-choice college.

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Andy Warhol’s Screen Test Reel #8 

Monday, November 3, 3:30 pm
Godwin-Ternbach Museum

Featuring Edie Sedgwick, Susan Sontag, and others.

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  Jack Bradley    

“To Jack Bradley, the ‘Greatest’ Photo Taker”: Treasures from the Jack Bradley Collection

Louis Armstrong House Museum. Through March 2015

Photos and other items from the collection of Jack Bradley, the world's foremost private collector of all things Armstrong. All of the items are on exhibit for the first time.

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  Gladys Knight    

An Evening with Gladys Knight

Friday, November 7, 8 pm
LeFrak Concert Hall

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Chamber Music Live

Allant Trio, Friday, November 7, 10 am
Trio Solisti, Friday, November 14, 10 am

LeFrak Concert Hall

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  Renard     Evening Reading Series

Tuesday, November 11, 7 pm
Music Building

Novelist Jeffery Renard Allen will read from his works and be interviewed by Leonard Lopate.

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  Nadja salerno    

Moscow State Symphony Orchestra
Featuring violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg

Saturday, November 15, 8 pm
LeFrak Concert Hall

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Kristallnacht Commemoration 

Sunday, November 16, 2 pm
LeFrak Concert Hall

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Highlights of The Daghlian Collection of Chinese Art

Exhibit begins November 19.
Godwin-Ternbach Museum

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Queens College Athletics

Follow our Knights all November!

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