Asian American and Asian Research Institute

Welcome to The Asian American and Asian Research Institute
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Office Information

Executive Director: Joyce Moy
Office: Room 1000, 25 W. 43rd St.,
New York, NY 100036
Phone: 212-869-0182
Fax: 212-869-0181

Through its lectures, conferences, interactive website, cinema series, community forums, publications, and workshops, the Asian American/Asian Research Institute (AAARI) applies CUNY’s resources to studying Asia and the Asian American experience. A university-wide scholarly and research center established in 2001, AAARI focuses on policies and issues in four areas: Asian American studies, East Asian studies, South Asian studies, and trade and technology studies.

In stimulating the study of Asian people, languages, cultures, and countries, as well as Asian immigrants and their descendents in the United States, AAARI brings together CUNY’s community of scholars. They identify timely issues, conduct studies that affect policy and community concerns, and make their studies available to the public. At CUNY’s 23 colleges citywide, the center connects more than 40,000 Asians and Asian Americans—faculty, staff, and students—to the Asian American community that has become an economic engine for New York City.