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Office: Delany Hall Room 305
Hours: Mon – Fri, 9 am – 5 pm

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Notice Regarding COVID-19

All Research

To the extent possible, Principal Investigators (PIs) should continue their research, particularly aspects of research that can be conducted without visiting a campus or site, such as manuscript writing, data analysis, report writing, administrative tasks. PIs should consider suspending projects or not starting new projects, but if study activities can be conducted remotely, research should proceed in this way.

Please see CUNY COVID-19 Guidance for Research for further guidance on Human Subjects Research, Animal Research, Data Use Agreements, Research with Tissues, Researcher Travel and Use of Equipment and Facilities.

Human Subjects Research

Human subjects research involving face-to-face interactions is NOT currently permitted at Queens College. All human subjects research involving face-to-face interactions with study participants must be paused or amended to include procedures so that NO face-to-face interactions are incorporated into the Ideate protocol.

If you are pausing your research, you do not have to submit an amendment or notification to the Queens College HRPP/CUNY-UI IRB. If you plan to modify in-person procedures so that they can be conducted remotely, you must submit an amendment detailing these changes. Please also include the following statement in the Research Design>>Overview section of your Ideate protocol: “All research personnel will avoid direct, in-person interaction with research participants (for recruitment, consenting, data collection and other) until CUNY Guidance regarding Human Subjects Research during the COVID-19 outbreak has been relaxed or removed.”

We are working with administration and researchers to bring human subjects back to campus as soon as it is safe to do.


Office Information


Michael Brown
Assistant Director for Research Compliance
HRPP/IRB Administrator, College Conflicts Officer, Export Control Officer
Phone: 718-997-5415
Fax: 718-997-5549

Sandra Yauri
IACUC Administrator
Phone: 718-997-5160
Fax: 718-997-5549​


IACUC Meeting Schedule

Fall 2020

Submission Deadline Dates

Tuesday, September 1
Tuesday, October 6
Tuesday, November 3
Tuesday, December 1

Review Meeting Dates

Tuesday, September 15
Tuesday, October 20
Tuesday, November 17
Tuesday, December 15

General Information

The Office of Research Compliance administers and facilitates regulatory compliance and assurance efforts associated with research activities at CUNY Queens College. Navigate the Office of Research Compliance dropdown menus at the top of this page to find information, policies, and guidance related to Human Subjects Research (HRPP and IRB), Research Involving Animals (IACUC), Conflict of Interest, Export Control, Institutional Biosfatey, Responsible Conduct of Research, and Research Agreements.

See the CUNY Researcher Handbook for information, policies, and guidance related to conducting research. See Chapter 5 of the CUNY Researcher Handbook and the CUNY Research Compliance site for information, policies, procedures, and guidance specifically related to research compliance.