Career Resources

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HireQC – Job/Internship Postings and Events

Our job posting site that is uniquely available to Queens College student. Sign up to learn more about how you can land your next internship or job.

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Resume / Cover Letter

Begin tidying your resume with our free resume templates and cover letters. Guide provided in the link below.

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What Can I do with My Major?

Students can explore career paths based on their majors. The website below will help you connect your major with careers and possible employers. Also, are you career ready? Career readiness is the foundation upon which a successful career is launched. Click below to learn about the eight career competencies.

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Workshops / Career Fairs

We believe that providing spaces for information is vital for growth within our school community. Come learn a new skill and expand your network in our next workshop.

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Mentoring Program

Join the unique mentoring mentoring program offered at Queens College. Students will have access to industry professionals. Their time and advice will help you in your career journey.

Internship Stipend Fund

Provides financial assistance to Queens College undergraduate or graduate students who are participating in unpaid internships in the arts, education, public service, non-profit agencies, and other industries that do not traditionally pay their interns.

This stipend is a one-time $2,550 financial award that will support current undergraduate and graduate students engaged in unpaid internships/research hosted by local organizations. Students can choose spring, summer or fall and, in agreement with the employer, participate in an internship for 150 hours total ranging from 5 to 10 weeks.
​The internship stipend fund is made possible by generous alumni donors and the Queens College Foundation. It is stewarded by the Center for Career Engagement and Internships.

Students can ask a Queens College faculty or staff to be listed as a recommender/nominator and then complete the application form.

Watch videos from QC students who participated in the Internship Stipend Fund.

Queens College Student:

  • Use your CUNYfirst login credentials ( to access the internship stipend form (you don’t need to log into CUNYfirst)
  • Students complete this Career Center Internship Stipend form thoroughly and add QC faculty/staff name as the referral; write a personal statement and upload your resume. If you have secured an unpaid internship, please include job responsibilities and employer name.

Email for additional information.

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Graduate School

The decision to go to graduate school is an important one, and should be done for the right reason. When you make this plan, be sure that you have clarity about what you want to study, and how that is going to enhance your career goal. You should also be prepared for scholarly and research work. Your decision should not be influenced by strong pressure from friends or family, etc. Graduate school is a major investment in time and money; you should not approach the decision haphazardly. It is important to set a goal, and consider how your undergraduate degree will help you reach that goal. Click below for more information: