Your resume is your first impression to employers. The story that it conveys lets them know in seconds how unique you are and if they should interview you. Throughout the writing process, constantly question what you want employers to see first, second, and third. You must examine whether your bullets add value to your resume and are tailored for the job that you are applying for. Learn to grab the recruiter’s attention in the sections below:

Before writing your resume, learn about applicant tracking systems and what career paths you are thinking about pursuing:

Important resume documents and information:

How to write effective job bullet points:

Make sure your job bullet points are detailed and specific. A bullet point should answer: What did you do? How did you do it? Why did you do it? And, bonus, what resulted from your work?

Bullet point format: Action Verb + What You Did + How You Did It + Why You Did It + ***Bonus: Quantify Results from Action (Check out examples here).

Writing a great summary section:

Videos to help you create an effective resume:

***Please check your grammar and spelling carefully and do not falsify any information on your resume. It can cost you a job!

***After reading this advice, draft/revise your document and attend a resume workshop. Next, schedule a resume review appointment with a career educator on QC Navigate or submit resume in HireQC for review.

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