CUNY-Paris Exchange Program

CUNY-Paris Exchange Program


There is no longer a language requirement for this program (except for French Majors & Minors)


  1. All French classes
  2. Mixture of French & English classes
  3. All English Classes

OPEN TO ALL CUNY STUDENTS who meet the Eligibility Requirements.

Approximate Fall Dates: Mid-late August  – End of December

Approximate Spring Dates: Early January – End of June





CUNY-Paris Exchange Website HERE


How much is tuition?

Since this is an exchange program, you will pay CUNY tuition.

Do I pay tuition to Queens College?

No.  This is a CUNY-wide exchange program, so you will pay CUNY tuition to your home campus.

Your Study Abroad Office will register you for 12 Study Abroad Blanket Credits, which will generate tuition.

  • No ePermit is needed since this is a CUNY-wide program
Financial Aid
Can I get Financial Aid?

This will depend on your package, but usually, students can receive Financial Aid for tuition for exchange programs since you would be paying CUNY tuition.  TAP is not always guaranteed.  You must make an appointment with Financial Aid to further discuss the details.


Queens College students must submit a Course Approval Form to the Financial Aid Office.    

    —> Information on Queens College Course Approval Forms can be found HERE.


See our “Financial Aid for Study Abroad” Page HERE for more details.


-See our Scholarships Page HERE

Look for:

-Queens College Internal Scholarships

-Gillman Scholarship


Transferring Credits
Queens College Students:  In order for your credits to be transferred, you must fill out a Course Approval Form.


See our “How to Transfer Study Abroad Credits” Page HERE for more information.



Other CUNY Students: Speak with your home CUNY campus with more information.

If your semester abroad is your last semester of college, you will not be able to graduate until one semester later.


For example, if you study abroad in the Fall, you will not be able to graduate until the Spring because it takes us a while to receive your transcript.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there Course Descriptions?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to see any Course Descriptions until you are in Paris since things are more last-minute in France.  However, you can look at MICEFA class Course Descriptions whenever they become available. 

  • MICEFA is the partner organization that helps you when you are in Paris.  They offer classes, and you are able to take up to 2 classes with them your first semester there, and up to 1 the second semester if you are staying for an Academic Year.

2.  What types of French classes can I take in Paris?

So many!  While not every single major that exists in the U.S. exists in France, you have many options of which classes you can take in French, especially if you have a high level in the language:

  • French Grammar
  • French Culture
  • History of Paris
  • French Phonetics
  • French Composition
  • French Cinema
  • Literature
  • Linguistics
  • Art History
  • Cinema
  • Photography
  • History
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Women’s Studies
  • Etc.

3.  Can I take classes in English?

YES!  You can now take classes in English in Paris in the following fields (but you will not know exactly which classes you will take until you are in Paris):

  • History
  • Literature
  • Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Business- For Business Majors. Must be a Junior or Senior when in Paris
  • Engineering Science
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Computer Science
Podcast Episodes
We have a podcast called “Study Abroad Stories.”


See our Podcast Page and look under “France.”

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