Contact: Raymond Capra

Major programs are available in Classics, Ancient Greek and Latin. A minor is available in Classical Studies.

Classics Major

Degree requirements for a BA in Classics

Introductory Courses:

  • Six of LATIN 101, CLAS 120 (or a course on the history of Ancient Greece), CLAS 130 (or a course on the history of Ancient Rome), CLAS 140, CLAS 150 (or another introductory survey of classical literature), CLAS 240 (or a course on the history of ancient philosophy), CLAS 250W. (18 credits)


  • Chosen in consultation with an advisor, four of: Any course in Greek, Latin or Classics not counted as a core course, ARTH 110, 205–207, CMLIT 333, 334W, DRAMA 201, ENGL 380, HIST 113, 205, 206, 208, PHIL 140, 250, 264. (12 credits)

Advanced Courses:

  • Two of: CLAS 300.3 and a second section of CLAS 3000.3 or any other appropriate 300-level course or seminar from English, Art, History, Philosophy, or Comparative Literature (with advisor’s approval: these are typically W courses). (6 credits)
Ancient Greek Major

Degree requirements for a BA in Ancient Greek

Required: A minimum of 12 credits of Greek beyond GREEK 252; at least 6 credits of Latin beyond LATIN 102 or its equivalent; and CLAS 120, 130, and 140. (27 credits)

Latin Major

Degree requirements for a BA in Latin

Required: A minimum of 15 credits of Latin beyond LATIN 203; GREEK 251 and 252 or their equivalent (8 credits); and CLAS 120, 130, and 140 (9 credits). Students who intend to teach Latin at the high school level or to go on to graduate work in Classics should also take LATIN 315 (1 credit). (32 credits)

Classical Studies Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Classical Studies

Required: 18 credits in Ancient Greek, Latin, or Classics; at least 9 credits must be in courses numbered 200 or above. In addition to courses offered by the department, courses in other departments on Ancient Greek or Roman history, art, literature, or philosophy may be included with the permission of the department advisor (e. g., ARTH 110, 206; CMLIT 101 in place of CLAS 150; HIST 113, 205, 206, 207, 208; PHIL 140, 250, 264). (18 credits)