INTERDISCIPLINARY DATA COLLABORATIVE: Data Science, Data Analytics and Digital Humanities at Queens College

Data and information surround us where we work, live, and play. Our collaborative programs emphasize the skills, tools, and techniques for effective use of data and digital technology in the sciences and in the arts. The applications are limitless. What do you want to do?

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For general questions about QC’s INTERDISCIPLINARY DATA COLLABORATIVE, contact Dr. Daniel Weinstein, Program Director, Dean of Faculty, Mathematics and Natural Sciences; Dean of Research; Professor of Biology

For questions about data and how it relates to a specific field, make an appointment with a faculty member below:

We have COURSES OF STUDY from entry level to advanced for students majoring in any subject

To learn more about the courses we offer in Data Science, Data Analytics and Digital Humanities, see our Courses page.

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If you have questions about data or data-related careers, see our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact one of the faculty members listed above.