Frequently Asked Questions
Can someone at the Writing Center edit my papers?

Tutors at the Writing Center don’t proofread, edit, or magically “fix” papers. Rather, we can work with you on understanding and identifying errors, helping you correct them on your own.

In other words: do we edit papers? No. But can we help you better strategize when it comes to editing? Yes. (And we do it all the time!)

Does the Writing Center take walk-ins?

You must make an appointment in order to meet with a tutor; however, you’re always welcome to walk in to the Writing Center to see if someone is available. Many students quietly write or study in the Writing Center as well. Note that during days or times the office in KY 229 is closed, we won’t be able to provide assistance booking with walk-ins.

I'm a graduate student. Can I make an appointment?

Absolutely! The Writing Center’s services extend to all students. There are even some graduate-level consultants on staff, should you wish to work with another graduate student.

It’s important to keep in mind the scope of what your tutor and your session can offer you, however. If you’re working on a lengthy thesis or dissertation, for example, your tutor cannot read it in full and offer meaningful feedback on the entire document in only fifty minutes. Here are some tips on maximizing your experience as a grad student working with the Writing Center:

Factor us in early. There’s no need to wait for feedback; consider employing the Writing Center as you’re formulating your project to keep you on course.

Factor us in often. Multiple visits can allow for meaningful attention to smaller sections and/or individual aspects of your writing. Graduate students are permitted 2 sessions per week.

Remember that the Writing Center comprises only one piece of the “writing support” pie. It’s not uncommon for graduate students to involve many people in their writing process, from faculty advisors to librarians to for-hire editors. Your writing tutor needn’t and shouldn’t be the sole resource you on which you rely.

What if I'm an alumni?

Call or visit for more information.

Is the Writing Center hiring?

Working in the Writing Center cultivates skills in more than just writing, but also in communication (including listening), collaboration, problem solving, and leadership.

We are not currently hiring consultants, though we are always happy to keep application materials on file. If you’d like to be considered for a position, please send us an email with a cover letter, resume, and substantial writing sample attached. Students who are interested in pursuing tutoring or literacies scholarship are encouraged to apply.

Writing consultants are expected to actively engage in the development of their tutoring pedagogies by reading and responding to current tutoring scholarship, as well as sharing their reflections at monthly trainings. In addition, potential applicants should know that the Queens College Writing Center does not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. Applications from women, minorities, individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged.

QC Writing Center

Location: Kiely Hall 229
Phone: 718-997-5676