Q: Can I apply for Service Corps?

Applications for Fall 2024-Spring 2025 are currently closed. We will open applications for the next cohort (Fall 2025 – Spring 2026), at the end of the Spring 2025 semester and we encourage you to apply then if you meet the criteria listed below! 

Q: What is Service Corps? 

The Service Corps program is a strong university pipeline for diverse talent into New York City’s public sector, having provided thousands of CUNY students with paid work experiences in community-based organizations and government agencies since the program’s launch in 2013. The Service Corps mobilizes students to work on projects that improve the civic, economic, and environmental sustainability of New York City.  

Q: Why should I apply to be a part of the Service Corps? 

Service Corps is more than just an internship! 

The Service Corps program engages students in internships that aim to improve the civic, economic, and environmental sustainability of New York City while building important professional skills. Students are placed with nonprofit community partners and will work

over the Fall and Spring academic semesters for $17/hour

Q: Who can apply to the Service Corps? 

All Queens College students are welcome to apply to Service Corps, given that they meet all of the following criteria: 

  • Enrolled in at least 12 credits for both the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters 
  • Earned at least 24 credits towards your degree (Please note: incoming freshmen are not eligible for this program) 
  • Have a Social Security Number 
  • Have a 2.5 minimum GPA 

Q: Can international students participate in Service Corps? 

All Queens College students may apply so long as they have a Social Security Number and meet all other eligibility requirements. If you do not have an SSN, you can contact the International Student Office for further instructions at iss@qc.cuny.edu 

Q: Can I apply to Service Corps if I have 24+ college credits from high school?  

No, first year students are not eligible for the Service Corps program, however, we encourage you to apply once you reach your sophomore year! 

Q: I plan to graduate at the end of the upcoming Fall semester, can I participate in Service Corps? 

No, Service Corps interns must be enrolled for at least 12 credits in both the Fall semester & the Spring semester.  

Q: What are the general program requirements for Service Corps? 

Please keep in mind the following program requirements for the Fall-Spring period and ensure that you are capable of meeting all of them should you be accepted into the program. 

  • Attend a mandatory hybrid orientation in mid-August
  • Attend an in-person Matching Fair with community partners in late August
  • Attend mandatory monthly Professional Development sessions during free hour 
  • Work 10 hours per week at a nonprofit community partner organization in the Fall and Spring semesters 
  • Complete a service project in addition to your internship hours. 
  • Complete reflection activities 
  • Submit timesheets in a timely manner 

Q: Will I be able to participate at my placement site remotely? 

There are a few hybrid internships, however, there is no guarantee that a placement site you are interested in will have a hybrid option. The Service Corps program asks you to choose internships based on the skills you desire to build and the work you will do at that placement site, rather than on the amount of in-person work required. If working remotely is your most important consideration, this may not be the program for you. 

Q: Will I be paid for my internship? 

Yes, interns will earn $17 an hour. 

Q: What will my hours be? Will the internship site be flexible with my class schedule? 

You must work 10 hours each week at your site. Each intern will work with their internship supervisor to create an individual schedule that works for them both. Internship site supervisors have been made aware that you are a full-time student. 

Q: Can I work another job while participating in Service Corps? 

Yes, however, you must still be able to commit to all Service Corps program requirements if you do accept the position.  

Q: When will I hear back about my acceptance decision? 

If you have not qualified for the interview, you will be notified in June. If you do qualify for the interview stage, we will notify you of your acceptance decision between the end of June to early July. Please keep in mind that regardless of if you are accepted or not, we will contact you with our decision.

Q: How can I contact your office?

You can call us at (718) 570-0565, email us at servicecorps@qc.cuny.edu, or drop by our office in Frese Hall 102.