Data Visualization with Tableau

Queens College is now leveraging Tableau, a data visualization and analysis software, to create and share interactive dashboards with the campus community.

Tableau allows skilled data analysts to develop tabular and graphical data displays that make it easier to see patterns and trends in the data to inform our efforts to improve program outcomes and overall institutional effectiveness.

Tableau Server allows us to target information to the appropriate audience and engage users from across the college with relevant data to inform programmatic and operational improvements.


QC Data Dashboards on Tableau Public


CUNY Data Dashboards 

*May require CUNY credentials


Data Dashboards on QC Tableau Server

Access to QC Tableau Server requires a Tableau license, and Queens College holds a fixed number of Tableau Server licenses. Currently, all department chairs and some other faculty have access, as do select college administrators and staff.

Faculty and staff with a Tableau license:
To access data displays available on Tableau Server, go to​ and log in with your CUNY credentials.

Faculty and staff without a license:
Your department chair or unit director may be able to download the data you need, otherwise you may request the data from OIE.