Data for Departments​​​ and Programs

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) makes use of student and employee data from both internal and external data systems. Most of the data is derived from the college’s student and human resources management system, CUNYfirst, sometimes directly, but mostly indirectly through interfaces or extracts from CUNYfirst. Other data come from surveys and external data collections such as the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). OIE staff access institutional data from college and central office databases that arrange CUNYfirst data in ways that support the ongoing information and reporting requirements of the college. These include:

  • IRDB (Institutional Research Database)
  • QC Data Warehouse
  • CUNYfirst Reporting Instance

The OIE can provide institutional data to QC departments and programs to inform student success initiatives, support program development and/or evaluation, and to guide strategic planning.

Institutional Data via Tableau

Queens College is now leveraging Tableau, a data visualization and analysis software, to create and share interactive dashboards with the campus community.

Displays of institutional data are available via several sources, including the Queens College Profile, the QC Tableau Server, and the CUNY Student Data Book. Note that access to the data dashboards on the QC Tableau Server requires a Tableau license.

Learn more here: Tableau Dashboards.

Institutional Data via QC Navigate

This comprehensive advising, communications and analytics platform was introduced at Queens College in late 2019 to better support students on the journey toward earning a college degree.

QC Navigate Staff  provides faculty and advisors access to information about students’ academic performance and momentum (individual students and groups) via analytic and reporting tools, and facilitates collaboration and coordination among the faculty and staff to help keep students on track for graduation. Access depends upon one’s role at the college. To learn more, visit the QC Navigate Staff website, which lists helfpul resources, including how to download data using the Advanced Search Tool.

Note: Students have access to a companion app – QC Navigate Student – that makes it easy for students to access important information and resources, form study groups, schedule appointments with various support offices, and much more.

Request Data from the OIE

*** Please provide a 3-week lead ahead of time for data requests. ***

If you require institutional data, the data you need may be available on (a) the QC College Profile, (b) the QC Tableau Server (consult your your department chair or unit director), (c) the CUNY Student Data Book, or (d) QC Navigate Staff reporting tools.

If the data you require cannot be obtained by these means, send an email to with the following information:

  1. Which department/program is requesting the data?
  2. What questions are you are trying to answer?
  3. What specific data elements do you need?
  4. From what year(s) or term(s) do you need the data?
  5. How will this information be used and/or disseminated?
  6. ​What is the time frame of your project?

*** Please provide a 3-week lead ahead of time for data requests. ***



Office of Institutional Effectiveness