Master of Science in Education Literacy Education (PK-Grade 12)


The MSEd in Literacy (All Grades) is designed for teachers who want to engage in the advanced study of literacy, including the teaching of reading and writing to learners in the early childhood, elementary, middle, and secondary grades. The program leads to New York State initial and/or professional certification in Literacy (All Grades). On completion of the program, candidates are prepared to work as classroom teachers with advanced knowledge of literacy; literacy specialists or coaches in early childhood, elementary, middle, and secondary schools; and instructional leaders in schools and other educational settings.   

The program is grounded in current research on literacy and the School of Education values of equity, excellence, and ethics. The program aims to prepare graduates who will: (1) design and implement instruction to support students whose literacy learning needs are not met by standard school curricula and instruction; and (2) take on roles as instructional leaders who advocate for, design, and implement literacy curricula and instruction that is equitable, socially just, and anti-racist.      

Program Requirements:  

The MSEd in Literacy (All Grades) requires 30 credits of coursework. Candidates in the program study language development and theories of literacy, reading and writing, instructional design and assessment, family and community literacies, professional learning and coaching, and other advanced topics in the study of literacy. As part of the program, candidates complete a literacy practicum with students in the elementary (PK-6) and middle/secondary (6-12) grades. Coursework in the program covers early childhood, elementary, middle grades, and secondary literacy. 

To continue in the program, students must maintain a B average and receive no grade lower than B- in any course.  

Required Courses:   

EECE 810 Foundations of Language and Literacy, 3 cr.   

EECE 811 Family, Community, and Literacy, 3 cr.   

EECE 812 Teaching Early Literacy, 3 cr.   

EECE 813 Literacy Assessment, 3 cr.   

EECE 814 Instructional Leadership in Literacy, 3 cr.   

EECE 742 Reading Materials for Children, 3 cr.   

SEYS Elective*   

SEYS Elective*   

EECE 782 Teacher as Researcher, 3 cr.   

EECE 819 Practicum in Literacy, 3 cr.   

*Approved SEYS Elective courses include:   

SEYSL 702 Literacy in the Content Areas, 3 cr.  

SEYSL 703 Literacy for Diverse Learners, 3 cr.  

SEYSL 704 Young Adult Literature Across the Curriculum, 3 cr.  

SEYSL 705 Multiple Perspectives of Literacy, 3 cr.  


Completion of this program and all New York State requirements for certification leads to recommendation by the School of Education for New York State Initial & Professional Certification in Literacy (PK-Grade 12). Students should contact the Teacher Certification Office for up-to-date information on New York State certification requirements. 

To Apply: 

Applicants must meet the following admissions requirements:  

  • Hold an earned bachelor’s degree  
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher  
  • Have New York State initial or professional classroom teaching certificate.  
  • Submit two letters of recommendation  
  • Submit a 500-word essay explaining your interest in the program  
  • Additional requirements may be specified on the application form  

Applicants are accepted for fall admission only and may enter the program only as matriculating students. Applications are open spring semester 2024 with a deadline of May 15th. 

Program Coordinator

Dr. Ann Ebe
Office: Powdermaker Hall 054
Phone: 718-997-5302

GRE Information

Please note: Effective immediately, all EECE graduate programs will no longer require a standardized examination, such as the GRE, for admission.

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