Bachelor of Arts Major in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)

The undergraduate program in elementary education prepares students for the New York State Initial Certification in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6). The program is designed to prepare professionals who honor student diversity by providing opportunities for multiple forms of learning and expression. Students study the contexts as well as the processes of learning. Field assignments are embedded in each course syllabus, and are incorporated into class discussions. Students complete the Pre-Professional Courses prior to applying for admission to the intensive Professional Preparation Sequence. The Professional Preparation Sequence, typically taken in a student’s final two and a half semesters at the College, is organized in a cohort model, in which students and faculty work together both on campus and in the field.

Program Coordinator

​Dr. Line Saint Hilaire 
Office: Powdermaker Hall 054
Phone: 718-997-5302

​Spring 2024 Advisement 

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EECE Undergraduate Application: Professional Sequence Fall 2024
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Who This Program Is For:
This program is for current undergraduate students at Queens College who are looking to obtain their initial teaching certification in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6). Students interested in the Childhood Education major should contact the department as early as freshman year for information about program requirements and procedures. The department holds informational sessions about NYS certification and program requirements several times each semester. First- and second-year students considering careers in elementary education are encouraged to attend.
Queens College has a Jointly Registered Program with Queensborough and LaGuardia Community Colleges. Upon transfer to Queens College, students who previously attended these institutions should contact the Department during their first semester.

Program Requirements:

General Education Requirements
All students at Queens College are required to fulfill the College’s general education requirements. Students interested in obtaining NYS Initial Certification in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) must select general education courses that correspond to the NYS learning standards for elementary school teachers. Students may also need to complete additional liberal arts courses to fulfill these NYS requirements. General education courses may not be taken with the P/NC option and a grade of C or higher in all courses. Students can obtain a worksheet listing the course selections that fulfill the general education requirements from the Department or from the Academic Advising Center.

Co-Major Requirement
In addition to the general education and major requirements, students must complete a co-major in one of the liberal arts and sciences programs.

Major Requirements
The major in Early Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) consists of two sets of courses: Pre-Professional Courses taken before applying for admission to the major, and the Professional Preparation Sequences taken after acceptance to the major. The Pre-Professional courses consist of five courses in education and related disciplines. The Professional Preparation Sequence consists of seven education courses plus two semesters of student teaching. Students may not enroll in courses in the Professional Preparation Sequence until they have been applied and been accepted to the major.

Pre-Professional Courses
EECE 201 Schooling in Diverse Communities (3 cr.)
EECE 310 Children in Cultural Contexts I: Child Development (3 cr.)
EECE 340 The Early Development of Language and Literacy (3 cr.)
MATH 119 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (3 cr.)
MUSIC 261 Music for Children (3 cr.)

Professional Preparation Sequence
EECE 220 Modern Learning Technologies (3 cr.)
EECE 311 Children in Cultural Contexts II: Learning and Teaching (3 cr.)
EECE 341 Language and Literacy Development: Teaching Reading (3 cr.)
EECE 350 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School (3 cr.)
EECE 351 Teaching Science in the Elementary School (3 cr.)
EECE 352 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School (3 cr.)
ECPSE 350 Foundations of Special Education (3 cr.)
EECE 360 Practicum 1: Curriculum in Action (3 cr.)
EECE 361 Practicum 2: Student Teaching (6 cr.)


Completion of this program and all New York State requirements for certification leads to recommendation by the Division of Education for a NYS Initial Certificate in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6). Students should contact the Certification Office for up-to-date information on NYS certification requirements.

To Apply:

Students must apply for admission to the Professional Preparation Sequence. To be admitted to the Professional Preparation Sequence, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Satisfy the College’s liberal arts and science requirements
  • Complete all but 9 of the credits in their academic co-major
  • Grade of B in at least one course in each of the NYS core areas: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts
  • Complete the pre-professional courses
  • Spend a minimum of 100 hours working with children in a group setting
  • Maintain a GPA no lower than 2.75

The List of Acceptable QC Majors and Minors


Interested students should consult the Elementary and Early Childhood Department for other requirements for entry to the major.

To apply, visit the Elementary and Early Childhood Department in Powdermaker Hall to speak with an advisor, or make an appointment by contacting the Program Coordinator.