Welcome to the The Fashion & Design Program
Student clothing designer

Emily Ripley
Director of the Fashion and Design Program
Curator of the Queens College Fashion and Textiles Collection

Program Office: Rathus Hall 203
Email: emily.ripley@qc.cuny.edu

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The Fashion and Design Program at Queens College


The Fashion and Design program at Queens College features a strong liberal arts curriculum that examines global fashion through the lens of history, theory, DEI initiatives, sustainability, and socio-cultural issues. We are unique in offering undergraduate students a multi-disciplinary approach integrating fashion and material culture studies with practices in design. The hands-on use of the Queens College Fashion and Textiles Collection gives our students unprecedented training usually reserved for graduate level studies. The Fashion and Design program offers students the opportunity to explore multiple areas of study within the fashion field. 


Employment Opportunities

Our graduates are working in many jobs within the fashion field including:

Fashion Design
Fashion Production
PR for fashion labels

Textiles Coordinators for major brands

Copywriters for fashion brands

Retail brand managers

Accessory supervisors

Quality control associates

Archivists in museums and collections


Preparation for Graduate and PhD studies in the field

We prepare our students for graduate level studies including:

Fashion curation

Fashion theory

Fashion conservation

Collections management for museums and archives

Fashion law

Fashion Design