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Jeff Maskovsky


Jeff Maskovsky

Jeff Maskovsky

Jeff Maskovsky is Professor and Executive Officer (Chair) of the Ph.D. Program in Anthropology at the CUNY Graduate Center, and Professor of Urban Studies at Queens College.

His research and writing focus on poverty, welfare, health, security and governance in the urban United States. He is the author of the forthcoming monograph, Staying Alive: Poverty and the Fight for Life in the New Inner City (NYU Press), and co-editor of The New Poverty Studies: Ethnographies of Power, Politics and Impoverished People in the United States (NYU Press, 2001), and Rethinking America: The Imperial Homeland in the 21st Century (Paradigm Press, 2009).

His current work explores the politics of race and the rise of right-wing populisms in the United States and elsewhere. He is the co-editor of the new anthology, Beyond Populism: Angry Politics and the Twilight of Neoliberalism (West Virginia University Press, 2020).

His work has appeared in many anthologies and in American Anthropologist, American Quarterly, Annual Review of Anthropology, Antipode, City and Society, Critique of Anthropology, Focaal, Identities, and Medical Anthropology.

Letters of Recommendation

If you would like Prof. Maskovsky to write a letter of recommendation, please prepare a printed request using this form, which you should mail to him at his QC office.

In these days of high competition for jobs, fellowships, and graduate school admission, letters are important. Given this, please try to mail your request at least three weeks in advance of when it’s needed. Also, on your form, always include the items you think should be emphasized for a particular grant, program, or position. Please be sure to include an update of what you have been doing/accomplished recently, as well as an updated cv or resume. When appropriate, please also include a copy of your application statement. You must also include stamped and addressed envelopes for ALL recommendations that cannot be filed electronically.

After you have mailed your request, please notify him by email one week in advance of EACH specific deadline, to make sure that it is sent on time.

Unfortunately, he cannot accept requests by email.

Office: Department of Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center
Email: jmaskovsky@gc.cuny.edu