Courses and Requirements


(Students are expected to check in/meet with the LABST Advisor each semester)

Labor Studies Major (LABST-BA) = 36 credits total

Majors must take ALL of the following required courses (18 credits) +

Required Courses
LABST 101:   Introduction to Labor Studies
ECON 101:    Introduction to Macroeconomics
LABST 240: Labor Unions and Industrial Relations
URBST 273: Labor and Globalization
HIST 274:    American Labor History from World War I to the Present
LABST 320: Perspectives on the Labor Movement

Majors must choose six electives from the following list of approved courses (18 credits):

AElective Courses
ECON 102.    Introductory Economics (Microeconomics)
ECON 249.    Statistics as Applied to Economics
ECON 213.    Economics of the Labor Force
ECON 214.    Economics of Organized Labor
ECON 240.    Economics of Business Organization
ECON 219.    Economics of Class, Race, and Sex
HIST 273.     American Labor History to World War I
HIST 275.     Business in American Life
LABST265.   Special Topics in Labor Studies
LABST 310.  Labor Law
PSYCH 226. Psychology in Business and Industry
PSCI 222.     Power in America
PSCI 225.     Politics and Administration of Industrial Regulation
DAT 205.      Social Statistics I (formerly SOC 205)
SOC 219.      Class, Power, and Inequality
SOC 228.      Industrial Sociology
SOC 224.     Organizational Sociology
URBST 101. Urban Issues: Poverty and Affluence
URBST 200. Methods in Urban Research
URBST 105. Urban Politics
URBST 202. Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration
URBST 210. Urban Protest Movements
URBST 244 Human Resource Management
URBST 246 Human Resources and Law
URBST 310. Community Organizing and Advocacy

Labor Studies Minor (LABST-MIN) = 18 credits total

Minors must take the three courses below (9 credits) +

LABST 101:   Introduction to Labor Studies
LABST 240: Labor Unions and Industrial Relations
URBST 273: Labor and Globalization

Minors must take three courses from the above list of electives (9 credits)