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Martin Hanlon


Martin Hanlon, a sociologist, has devoted a significant part of his career to bringing about participative management and improving the quality of work life in government. He has served as a consultant on organizational design and worklife to several government organizations. He has also brought his expertise to bear on policy initiatives that go under the popular heading of “reinventing government”. For example, he served on New York State Commissioner Webb’s Panel on the Workforce Serving Developmental Disabilities, which analyzed and developed a workforce plan for the more than 50,000 government and private agency employees in New York State who serve the state’s developmentally disabled population. He also has served a a consultant to several major labor unions and has developed education and housing programs for unions. Recently, he worked with New York City’s major public employee unions on studies of contracting out government services.

Hanlon’s research has included methods for improving productivity and effectiveness of human service organizations, the measurement of work-related attitudes, and the development of joint labor-management quality of work life programs. He was one of the developers of the Michigan Organizational Assessment Package, the most widely used set of tools for measuring organizational change. He is the author of a book on organizational design in health care settings and more than a dozen chapters and journal articles on organization and workforce issues.

Currently, Hanlon is completing a book on the impact of the Interstate Highway System on urban America.

Hanlon teaches the Department’s basic course on Urban Poverty and Affluence, as well as its core graduate courses, Introduction to Public Policy, Public Management, and Evaluating Public Policies.

Hanlon Curriculum Vitae

Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Telephone: (718) 997 5131
Email: martin.hanlon@qc.cuny.edu