American Stories: U.S. History and Government for English Language Learners

All courses are FREE and are held at Queens College.


New York City public high school ESL students who meet the academic admissions requirements


Fall (October-January) and Spring (March-June) semesters
Saturday, 9 am–12:30 pm

Earned Credit and Certificates

Participants who achieve a 75%+ attendance and a grade of 75+ earn credit for the course from their high school.

Course Description

The course is designed to provide ESL and bilingual students with supplemental preparation for the U.S. History and Government Regents Exam while helping them acquire college-level English skills. Participants not only strengthen their English language and literacy skills, but they also deepen their understanding of the American history and government content they are learning in high school. The course can be taken for one or for two semesters; the semesters have different curricula.

Past students report that as a result of taking “American Stories” they passed the Regents Exam and improved their grades in other high school classes.

Admission Requirements
  • You must be recommended by the College Now liaison at your high school.
  • You are currently taking ESL U.S. History and Government in high school (or did last year).
  • Your ESL level is intermediate.
  • You have an ESL English GPA of 70+.