Four magazine covers.

Creative Services is responsible for designing and producing hundreds of college publications annually, at no cost to the client. These include advertisements, student recruitment materials, bulletins, class schedules, commencement materials, brochures for academic programs, exhibition catalogues and announcements, newsletters, fliers for conferences and seminars, programs and posters for special events, invitations, certificates, forms, business cards and stationery, and printed materials for fundraising and alumni, including Queens, the alumni magazine. Creative Services also plans publications and develops concepts, provides creative direction, prepares specifications, and arranges printing and photography. The area maintains quality control for all printed materials and oversees design standards for the campus.

Office Information

Kiely Hall, Room 142A
Queens College
65-30 Kissena Blvd.
Flushing, New York 11367
Phone: 718-997-4477

Georgine Ingber
Director, Creative Services
Kiely Hall, Room 142A
Tel 718-997-4477
Fax 718-997-5930

Andy Poon
Staff Photographer
Kiely Hall, Room 142

Tel 718-997-4406​

Linda Mula, College Assistant
Kiely Hall, Room 142
Tel 718-997-5920
Fax 718-997-5930