— David Musheyev is a pre-med student graduating with a double major in neuroscience and biology and a double minor in chemistry and health sciences –

“At Queens College, we offer our undergraduate science students the opportunity to participate in laboratory research under faculty mentorship. We consider that absolutely essential to our mission of offering superior public education. It sets us apart from many other undergraduate institutions, and has enabled generations of our talented students to excel at the highest levels,” says President Frank H. Wu. “This award recognizes David Musheyev’s hard work, achievement, and exceptional promise as an emerging researcher in the medical sciences.”

The Salk Scholarship has held a special place in the CUNY system since its inception, representing the scientific and humanitarian values of its namesake, Jonas Salk, who was a 1934 graduate of City College. Credited with achieving an enormous public health breakthrough when he developed the first polio vaccine, he famously refused to patent or profit from it; instead, he made it freely available for worldwide use. When offered a tickertape parade in New York City, he asked that the money go toward scholarships. These awards are highly prized for their recognition of students’ scholarship, service, and intellectual potential in both medicine and research. Over four years of study, students receive $8,000 toward the cost of their medical or biomedical science degrees.

Maria Matteo

Media and College Relations