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Work Opportunities

CUNY EDGE provides robust advisement that aims to most effectively help students progress in college, excel academically, and graduate on time. We believe academic, personal, and career advisement is the crux of the CUNY EDGE program. Building on the successes of CUNY’s Accelerated Study in Associate Program (ASAP) and the Graduation Success Initiative (GSI), our advisement helps CUNY EDGE students progress academically, grow personally, and advance professionally.
Students actively participate in the advising process by setting goals, identifying their own challenges, working to develop their own solutions, and growing as they work collaboratively with CUNY EDGE staff members.
During an initial advisement session students can expect the following:
  • Intake and enrollment
  • Student self-assessment
  • Review of student’s transcript, and previous and current GPA
  • Scholarship and grant opportunities
  • Referrals to campus site departments based on needs of the student