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The Professional Staff Congress is the union that represents over 20,000 full- and part-time faculty and professional staff at the City University of New York. With the exception of a small number of excluded titles, all faculty and professional staff belong to the bargaining unit, and the PSC negotiates contracts (collective bargaining agreements) for the bargaining unit.

The Queens College chapter of the PSC has an elected Executive Committee which represents the interests of full- and part-time faculty members of the bargaining unit at the college. Its first responsibility is to monitor and ensure enforcement of the contract for the protection of all faculty members at the college. That responsibility entails supporting members with complaints, and if necessary, official grievances. Any member with a complaint should contact the chapter grievance officer or the chapter chair. All communications about complaints or possible grievances are strictly confidential.

The chapter also sponsors a variety of activities. Each semester, the chapter holds chapter meetings open to all members of the bargaining unit, as well as labor management meetings with the administration. The chapter has an active Health and Safety “Watchdog” Committee that seeks to enforce strict adherence to health and safety standards to protect all workers on campus. The QC Unions Joint Committee on the Quality of Work Life includes union representatives from many of the nineteen other blue and white collar unions representing workers on campus.

In addition, the chapter Executive Committee holds events that support its commitment to social justice, including fighting tuition increases that place unfair burdens on our students; and antiwar work, including teach-ins, counter recruitment tabling, and speaking events.

All PSC faculty members are eligible to run for the Executive Committee and are encouraged to participate in union activities.

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David Gerwin
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Jonathan Buchsbaum
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Bianca Johnson

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Ben Chitty


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