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You can apply for graduation through your CUNYfirst Student Center for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Winter applications are submitted to the QC Hub by email at

Semester Filling
Awarded in CUNYfirst Diploma
Fall Nov. 1 Apr. 1 Apr. 15 Jan. 1
Winter Jan.1 Apr. 1 Apr. 15 Feb. 1
Spring Mar. 1 Jul. 15 Aug. 1 Date of
(for commencement)
Apr. 1 Oct. 15 Nov. 1 Sep. 1
Summer Jul. 1 Oct. 15 Nov. 1 Sep. 1

* Diploma ordered date is the date the diploma order is sent to our vendor. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing and delivery.

Understanding your Graduation Status

The official audit is conducted by the QC Hub, Graduation Audit Unit, and supersedes all other indications that the student has completed all the degree requirements. The degree audit is the final step before degree conferral.

Step 1: File for graduation via your CUNYfirst account. Please be aware of the application deadline.
Once complete your graduation status will be listed as “Apply for Graduation.”

Step 2: Your student record will be reviewed for completion of the college’s general education requirements, pending the completion of the current semester’s coursework.
Once complete your graduation status will change to “Program in Review.”

Step 3: Your student record will then be reviewed for major/minor specific requirements.
Once complete your graduation status will change to “Needs to Finish Pending Work.”

Step 4: After grades have been posted to your account and the college’s grading process is complete, a final review of your application will be completed, and the graduation notation will be posted.
Once complete your graduation status will change to “Degree Awarded.”


Graduation FAQs

How will my name appear on my diploma?

Names of graduates will appear on the diplomas as they appear in CUNYfirst. To change your first name or surname you must fill out a Name Change form.

When is commencement?

Commencement is held once a year, at the end of the spring semester. It is imperative to file for graduation on time to be included in the commencement activities. For spring candidates the deadline is March 1; for summer candidates the deadline is April 1. For more information, please visit the Commencement and Event page.

What if I want to change my graduation semester?

Students who wish to cancel their graduation application and apply for a subsequent semester can file a Change of Graduation form.

Can I have a grade changed after I graduate?

Student records are closed at graduation. No grade changes may be made to a student’s academic record after the degree has been awarded. Contact the Graduation Audit Unit in the QC Hub if you wish to delay your graduation to a subsequent semester if you are in the process of having a grade changed.

What is Maintenance of Matriculation?

Graduate students must be enrolled or maintain matriculation for the semester in which they intend to graduate. Graduate students who are not enrolled in classes but have completed their coursework must file a Maintenance of Matriculation form and pay the associated fee. The Maintenance of Matriculation fee is nonrefundable and cannot be waived.

Diplomas, Enrollment Verification, and Degree Verification

Diplomas are ordered after degrees are posted in CUNYfirst. To view approximate degree posting dates, please refer to the Graduation section. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing and delivery.  

Alumni who wish to reorder their diploma may do so by visiting Parchment Services.

Students can use Self-service for Degree and Enrollment Verification through the National Student Clearinghouse at: 

Third parties interested in validating student enrollment or degree completion should visit or to submit a request for verification. Parties should be prepared to submit the correct spelling of the student’s name and all names used while attending college, social security number/student ID, date of birth and signed release from the student to receive timely response and verification. (For privacy regulations please visit FERPA) 

National Student Clearinghouse may be contacted at:
Tel.: (703) 742-4200
Fax: (703) 742-4239 
Mail: National Student Clearinghouse, 2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300, Herndon, VA 20171 


DegreeWorks is a web-based program that enables you to easily track your academic progress. You will be able to see how specific College requirements have been met and what courses you can take to fulfill the requirements which are remaining. With the ‘What If’ feature, you will also be able to see how your academic requirements might change if you were to change your major. DegreeWorks can be found in your Student Center in CUNYfirst.

DegreeWorks FAQs 

How is a DegreeWorks worksheet different from a transcript?
DegreeWorks is not your academic transcript nor is it an official notification of completion of degree requirements. Changes made to your official academic record will take at least 24-48 hours to be reflected in your DegreeWorks report. This progress report does not supersede the College Catalog and/or academic policies. Your transcript, however, is your official College record, and it must be requested from the Registrar’s Office. Go to the College website and search for Transcript Request for more details. 

If this is not an official review of my degree requirements, where can I go to find out what other requirements I might need?
To find out what other requirements you might need, please make an appointment with an Academic Advisor who will review your requirements.

According to my audit, “Credits Applied” indicates I have more credits than I’ve actually completed. Why?
DegreeWorks counts completed and in-progress courses, currently in-progress and future courses you have registered for, in the ‘Credits Applied’ category. 

Why are my newly registered courses or classes currently in-progress (IP) not appearing on my DegreeWorks worksheet?
Newly registered courses and information from CUNYfirst usually takes least 24-48 hours to be reflected and uploaded to DegreeWorks. If you would like to preview how your new classes would apply to your DegreeWorks worksheet, you can use the ‘Look Ahead’ tab. 

What does the “Not Counted” section at the end of my DegreeWorks mean?
‘Not Counted’ are courses that will not be applied to your record and will be subtracted from your total credit count. These courses may be duplicate courses (if there are duplicates, the program will automatically select the one taken first) or courses that exceed the maximum allowable transfer credit limit. 

What does “Elective Classes Allowed” mean?
Students are allowed a different number of general electives depending on the amount of coursework completed, as well as the number of credits required by a student’s major, certificate or minor, to meet the total number of credits required for the Degree program. A student with an undeclared major will have a higher number of elective courses than a student who has declared a major or minor, and the elective classes allowed may change as majors are declared. 

Does the “Electives Not Allowed” section mean that these credits are not being counted towards my degree?
‘Electives not allowed’ may count towards the degree and total credit count. However, any course that exceeds the number of credits for Elective Classes Allowed or do not apply to any requirement, will fall into this section. Students should pay attention to this area, since ‘In-Progress’ courses that appear in this section can affect financial aid eligibility ‘Electives not allowed’ are still counted towards the degree and total credit count. 

Will I be graduated if everything is checked off?
You will need to apply for graduation through your CUNYfirst Student Servies. After you have successfully applied, you will undergo a review conducted by the QC Hub and will be alerted if you have any issues. It is best to meet with an Academic Advisor and Departmental/Faculty Major advisor in the semester prior to applying for graduation. 


Commencement is held once a year, at the end of the spring semester. It is imperative to file for graduation on time to be included in the commencement activities. For spring candidates the deadline is March 1; for summer candidates the deadline is April 1. For more information, please visit the Commencement and Event page.

Dual Majors and Dual Degrees

Students who complete the requirements for two majors from different degree awards have two choices as they approach graduation.

In cases where a student completes the requirements for two majors from different award designations, such as majors in Business (BBA) and English (BA), the student may be awarded the degree associated with one of the two majors. At the time of degree checkout, only one degree with one major will be awarded. However, for the identification of the second major: a notation of completion of all of the requirements of the second major will reside in the transcript permanent comment section. There is no CUNY-wide or New York State policy that precludes students from pursuing two majors from two different award designations, and the completion of suchdual major combinations can be recorded on the student’s academic record and presented on the transcript as a comment. Nor is there a CUNY-wide or New York State policy that prevents coursework taken to complete requirements in one major from also fulfilling requirements in a second major, in cases where there is an overlap of requirements between two majors.

A second option is for students to receive two degrees and two diplomas. In order to be awarded two degrees, such as a BA and BBA, students must complete at least an additional 30 credits in residence beyond the standard 120 total credits required for a bachelor’s degree. Under CUNY guidelines, students who have earned a bachelor’s degree will be deemed to have automatically fulfilled the Pathways Common Core as well as the College Option requirements and will need to complete all the major requirements and at least 150 total credits to earn the second degree.

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