M.S. in Accounting & M.S. in Taxation

MS in Accounting 

The Department of Accounting and Information Systems offers a Master of Science in Accounting, registered with the NYS Department of Education and approved to meet the 150-credit CPA licensing requirements. The MS program offers courses in accounting principles and applications, taxation, data analytics, risk assessment, information systems, managerial decision-making, and regulatory compliance. The program prepares students for various career paths, including public, corporate, or governmental accounting, consulting, compliance, and teaching in higher education institutions.

Hang Sun

Dr. Rosano

Director, M.S. Program in Accounting
Office number: 718-997-5028
Office Location: PH- Room-214D
Email: Eric.Rosano@qc.cuny.edu

MS in Taxation

The Master of Science in Taxation leads to many possible career paths for both students starting their career in taxation and those repositioning to new opportunities. The program is designed to enhance practical and research skills and problem-solving abilities. It also focuses on teaching finely honed technical skills that allow students to stay on top of the ever-changing field. Courses are led by qualified faculty members with academic credentials and practical experience in tax. The curriculum emphasizes up-to-the-minute tax law and trends, giving students experience in solving real-world problems. The program is a good fit for a wide range of students and is complementary to the needs of students with undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Finance, Management, or Economics.

Terry Balkaran
Director, M.S. Program in Taxation