Accounting 398

This course can be used as the elective A component for the undergraduate accounting degree requirement.

Minimum requirements for this elective:

  • 3.0 accounting GPA
  • Lower senior status
  • Only open to accounting majors

The internship course is open only in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students need to perform their internship work during these semesters.

Additional Requirements

  • Students must register with the Career Center in Frese Hall.
  • Internship requires a minimum 10 hours per week in an approved internship for the 15 week Fall or Spring semester. (150 hours)
  • The internship opportunity may be with an accounting firm, business entity, governmental agency or non profit organization.  The internship must involve accounting or taxation and relate in some manner to the accounting curriculum at Queens College.
  • Besides the 150 hour requirement, students will be required to submit a 20 page term paper on their internship experience.
  • Two (2) book reports will also be required.
  • Students will be required to meet with an internship advisor during the semester, at least every other week, and submit a log (journal) of activities.
  • Grades for the internship course will be based upon meeting all the requirements set forth above.

How to Secure an Internship

Students may use the services of the Career Development office or may find the internship on their own.  A great networking opportunity exists by joining NABA, ASCEND or ALPHA, the three on-campus business and accounting clubs.  There are also plenty of websites that can be searched that list accounting internships, (i.e.:


Professor Scott Ruthizer or his designee must approve the internship for registration.  A letter from the potential employer must be forwarded to Professor Ruthizer at, indicating tasks, hours and immediate supervisor. If you think you are eligible for the accounting elective, please contact Professor Ruthizer.