Photography & Imaging BFA Program

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Credit: Pablo Flores © 2011

The BFA Degree in Photography & Imaging will prepare students in their pursuit of careers or advanced degrees in fine art, applied photography and digital imaging. The curriculum incorporates the latest 2D and 3D technologies for capturing and outputting images. Students will be able to choose among a variety of courses in the practice of photography including classes in traditional/analog and alternative processes, digital, and 2D and 3D scanning and printing, theory, history and critical thinking. Students will graduate with a portfolio that can be used to seek or further their careers in the field or apply to graduate school. Graduates of the program could be considered for positions in the workforce such as photo editors and researchers, as well as positions in the fields of photojournalism, studio portrait and product photography, architecture and or fine art photography, commercial and industrial photography, scientific photography, travel and lifestyle photography, as a retoucher, scanning technician, 3D imaging, or digital archivist.