The Major

Requirements for the Major are as follows:

  • A minimum of 36 credits in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies including: GRST 100, Modern Greek Culture and Civilization. As well as one of the following courses: GRST 101, Byzantine Culture and Civilization or GRST 102 , The Greek American Community. In addition, two courses each from the three of the four categories listed under intermediate courses and a seminar, for the total of 27 credits. (If category D is chosen, one of the courses must be a general course on ethnicity).

The introductory courses in each category are a prerequisite for the intermediate courses, tutorials, and seminars in each category. Exemptions may be given by the Director with concurrence of the instructor. Tutorials, colloquia, and seminars not listed in the Program but in which the student demonstrates a significant research effort on a Byzantine or Modern Greek theme may, with the approval of the Director, fulfill the research requirements or be offered as an elective.

  • Majors are also required to take four semesters of Modern Greek or pass a proficiency examination in Modern Greek equivalent to the intermediate level. Students who plan to concentrate on Byzantine Studies may offer four semesters of Ancient Greek or its equivalent. Up to three (3) credits of Ancient or Modern Greek through the intermediate level may be used toward 36-credit requirement for the major.

Transfer students must take a minimum of 18 credits in the Program regardless of the number of credits earned in another institution. Students with two majors, including Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, may not cross-list more than 12 credits toward a 36-credit requirement. Majors are encouraged to confer with the Program Director at all stages of their studies. A concentration form should be filled during the junior year. Students are advised to consult the Program’s Student Handbook for a detailed description of courses offered each semester.