The Minor

Requirements for the Minor are as follows:

  • A minimum of 18 credits in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies including: GRST 100, Modern Greek Culture and Civilization One of the following courses: GRST 101 , Byzantine Culture and Civilization or GRST 102 , The Greek American Community In the four categories (Byzantine Studies, Modern Greek Studies, Modern Greek Literature and Culture, and Greek American Studies) two courses from one and one course from another category, for a total of 15 credits.
  • In addition, students are required to take four semesters of Modern Greek or pass a proficiency examination in Modern Greek equivalent to the intermediate level. Students who plan to concentrate in Byzantine Studies may offer four semesters of Ancient Greek or its equivalent. Up to three credits of Ancient or Modern Greek through the intermediate level may be used toward 18-credit requirement for the minor.

Elementary and Early Childhood Education majors may use Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies to meet their department’s requirement for a minor (24 credits) in another field. A detailed description of the special minor is available at the Program office.