Welcome to the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Spring 2023 Departmental Pre-Registration Week is Oct 24 to 28. Come in person to RE206 8:30 am to 12:30 pm or fill out the form available in the department office and drop it in the drop box after 12:30 pm during this week. Click here for Spring 2023 Tentative Schedule Link

You can also register for summer 2023 courses. Click here for Summer 2023 Tentative Schedule Link

About Us

The Queens College Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers American Chemical Society-certified courses in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Our undergraduate and graduate programs include existing BA, BA/MA and MA degrees in Chemistry with specializations in Chemistry and in Biochemistry, and pending thesis-based M.S. degrees in these disciplines.  We strive to offer an integrated, broad-based, challenging educational experience to imbue students with the intellectual, experimental, and on-line interactive skills necessary to perform effectively in any field related to the chemical and biochemical sciences. The educational goals and pre-professional training of our programs are designed to deepen a student’s molecular perspective of the natural world with modern, quantitative and mechanism-based approaches, and to equip the student with the skills needed to thrive in the workplace.

Chemistry MA Program

The Chemistry MA program offers coursework and laboratory training for students preparing for careers in health, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and computational areas, or who plan to pursue PhD programs. Financial support is available for qualified stude​nts through fellowships, or positions as teaching or research assistants. 


Recent Publications

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Jang Group


Mirkin Group


Pathak Group


Rotenberg Group
  • V. Maddula, N.S. Holtzman, M.C. Nagan, S.A. Rotenberg “Phospho-mimetic mutation at Ser165 of a-tubulin promotes the persistence of GTP caps in microtubules” Biochemistry 61 :1508-1516, 2022. 
  • Ela Markovsky, Elisa de Stanchina, Aryeh Itzkowitz, Adriana Haimovitz-Friedman, Susan A.Rotenberg “Phosphorylation state of Ser165 in alpha-tubulin is a toggle switch that controls proliferating breast tumors” Cellular Signalling 2018, 52, 74-82. 

    Wang Group


    Office Information

    Chair: Dr. Jianbo Liu

    Deputy Chair: Dr. Sanjai Pathak

    Secretary: Ms. Elizabeth L. Zoiner

    Office Assistant: Ms. Kelly Barth

    Remsen 206

    Tel: 718-997-4100, 4482​

    Email: kelly.barth@qc.cuny.edu


    Advising Hours

    Advising Hours: In-person advising has resumed. Students can choose in-person or zoom advising on all days of the work week during the semester. Email kelly.barth@qc.cuny.edu to schedule appointment with advisor.

    Free Chemistry tutoring: Chemistry Honor Society and Queens College Learning Commons provide free tutoring services for chemistry students. Click here for Chem Honor Society Tutoring Information.


    Department News and Events

    Upcoming Event​s:​

    • Department Seminar every Monday 11:15 am. Email Dr. Uri Samuni for zoom link
    • 24th annual Thomas Hayden Chemistry Demo Show is on Jan 5, 2023. The event is open for high school teachers to attend their with their class. For more info and registration, click here.


    • ​Department welcomes our new colleague Dr. Iva Burdett. Dr. Burdett is an experienced biochemist with excellent teaching credentials. She joins the department as full time lecturer starting Fall 2022.​