SP24 Student-led Tech Internship Panel Discussion

The Learning Commons, in collaboration with the Computer Science Department NSF S-STEM Program and two student clubs, Code For All and Girls Who Code, hosted a Tech Internship Panel Discussion which was attended by more than 120 students on Monday, April 15, 2024.

The panel consisted of QC students who secured prestigious internships at companies such as Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, Con Edison, Amazon, and Nintendo. They shared their experiences, answered audience questions, and provided valuable career advice.

Scroll down to explore event pictures and what panelists discussed during the event.

Event Recording

Event Pictures

Attendee Says

I was fond of the variety of experiences of everyone on the panel. Their talk about having no basic projects but still being able to land an internship was inspiring.

I learned some new things about interviewing for an internship, and also about how to prepare for questions about system design. I liked how the panelists gave specific feedback for interviews at each of the companies they received internships.

My favorite part was learning how to increase my chances in getting an internship. I learned how I can get into game development. Hearing the different accessibilities for internships previously unknown to me, the advice given was interesting and eye opening as well.

Apply to many applications, even if your works or focus are not in aligned with the company. It can show that your potential. You learn mostly on the job, the interview is to evaluate your potential, communication skills, and ingenuity.


Thank you for joining us!