Summer Salary

Summer salary received through grants is an online process. You must go to the Research Foundation website ( Once you have logged on, go to “E-Services”, the click on “Summer Salary”. 

Once you have logged on to the Summer Salary screen, you must create an appointment. The appointment should reflect the entire summer. Once your appointment has been submitted you must submit your Payment Authorizations on a biweekly basis.  PAYMENT AUTHORIZATIONS MUST BE DONE  ONLINE THTROUGH THE RF WEBSITE ON A BIWEEKLY BASIS BY THE PAYROLL CLOSEOUT DATE OR PAYMENTS WILL NOT BE ISSUED.

NOTE: The paper Certification Forms will no longer be accepted. All Summer Salary Certification Forms have been replaced by the Payment Authorizations and must be done online on a biweekly basis. If you do not complete the forms online, payments will not be issued. Please be advised that summer salary will not be processed until your Payment Authorization has been submitted and approved. After your summer salary has been paid out, you will be required to complete a Personnel Activity Report which will reflect your effort for summer salary received. Payments for summer salary are not distributed from the Research Foundation nor the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Payments are issued by the payroll office at Queens College.

For more information, you can contact our office or visit the RF website.