Post-Award Information

Now That You Have Your Award…. 

Congratulations on receiving your grant award!
When you receive a grant, the funds are “deposited” at the Research Foundation/CUNY (located in Manhattan) and an account is established for the project director to access. If you do not hear from the Research Foundation directly, please contact ORSP (x75400) in two weeks to obtain this information.

Some things you need to know:

The principal investigator (project director) has ultimate responsibility for the fiscal and programmatic operation of the awarded grant. A grant must be spent in accordance with the awarded budget and prior to the grant end date. If you have changes in the scope of work, budget, key personnel, etc., please contact ORSP (agency may require prior approval). Please also note any special guidelines and report due dates that are listed in your award notice or grant agreement. ORSP is your partner in this process of maintaining compliance with your award.

In addition, please be aware of your sponsor’s reporting requirements. Most sponsors require a progress report, a financial report (usually handled by the Research Foundation), and a final report. Please note that all grantees are required to keep track of time and effort by key personnel. The Research Foundation uses a form called a Personnel Activity Report (PAR, for short) to ensure compliance with federal auditing requirements. If you have requested released time, a Staff Effort Notice must be completed. We ask that you be mindful of all personnel effort and the commitments made during the application phase. If effort decreases, please contact ORSP.

All hiring of grant-related personnel (including consultants), purchasing, and travel payments are processed by the Research Foundation. To access your funds, there are specific forms for each type of payment, generally available either in ORSP or on the Research Foundation website. All post-award expenditures can be viewed and monitored through the Research Foundation (RF) website on

Please note: In order to view your award, you must have a user name and password issued by the RF. If you do not have one, please request one by sending a request to:
Please provide your RF account number and request PI access for e-systems including summer salary. The RF will send you a user ID and instructions on how to create your password. After you have received this information, log-in to the RF website (
Once you have your ID and password, you will be able to view your expenses, place people on payroll, enter summer salary, enter timesheets for payroll, and view/read the Project Director’s Manual (requires username and password) on how to spend the funds for your grant.

ORSP is not the Research Foundation/CUNY. We cannot authorize any payment on your grant account. As project director of your grant, you are responsible for all payments, as well as the hiring, payment, and monitoring of employees in the workplace.

ORSP will assist you with understanding how to access your account and how to complete the paperwork required by the Research Foundation/CUNY.

If you have any questions about your award, please contact our office.