Pivot is a funding search service available free of charge to all CUNY faculty. Through Pivot, researchers, including faculty who specialize in the humanities and social sciences, have an additional resource for locating and applying for funding opportunities from numerous public and private sponsoring agencies and organizations. Resources include COS Funding Opportunities, which provides online access to more than 24,000 current funding opportunities offered by 11,000 public and private sponsors on a global basis; COS Funding Alerts, which delivers targeted information from COS Funding Opportunities to individual researchers who maintain profiles in the COS database; and COS Funding Opportunities Administrator’s Workbench, which provides specified member administrators with access to institution-specific reports, information, and features about the member’s usage of COS Funding Opportunities. Faculty are encouraged to visit COS and take advantage of this service. To set up a profile, go to https://pivot.proquest.com/profiles/main​​​​