Language Requirement at Queens College

Fall 2013 Onward (Pathways Curriculum)

From the fall 2013, all new students and almost all transfer students* must take one class on Language as part of their College Option Requirements—one component of the larger set of General Education Requirements at Queens. To find eligible classes, search for the QNSLANG requirement in the list of general education courses. This list includes eligible foreign language classes as well as classes taught in English. For general information on placement into particular foreign languages, please click here.

*The only transfer students who may be exempted from this requirement are transfers from other four-year CUNY campuses who have completed all or most of their General Education Requirements (including their College Option) at another campus. If you think you might be exempt, please visit The Academic Advising Center for confirmation.


Before Fall 2013 (PLAS Curriculum)

Students who matriculated before Fall 2013 must complete at least the third semester of a foreign language. Students should enroll in the most advanced language course for which they are qualified by either placement or previous study (and a single course beyond the third semester also satisfies the requirement). There are exceptions for students who received Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees from CUNY, or Nassau or Suffolk Community Colleges. Please visit The Academic Advising Center for confirmation.

Alternatively, the foreign language requirement can be met by successful completion of one of the following:

  • A course taught in a foreign language or American Sign language at the third-semester level or higher.
  • Three years of high school education in the same foreign language
  • A minimum grade of 80 on the New York State Regents Exam in a foreign language
  • Completion of the 11th grade or higher in which the language of instruction is a foreign language.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in a foreign language by taking the 12-Point Exam offered at NYU Details are found here. You must pass this exam with a score of 10 points or higher.