LGBT Minor (18 credits)

Requirements for the Minor

Core Requirements (9 credits)

  • WGS 104: Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
  • WGS 201W: Theories of Feminism
  • WGS 204: Queer Theories

Distribution Requirements (minimum 9 credits)

Students must take courses from both arts/humanities and social science disciplines; must include one course with a global /diversity component. Examples of courses include but are not limited to:

  • ENG 305 Special Topics: Introduction to Queer Theory/Queer Studies
  • ENG 325: Topics in Gender and Sexualities
  • ENG 329: Queering Children’s Literature
  • ENGL 383 Aspects of Poetry: “Bishop and Rich: ‘The Eye of the Outsider’”
  • MEDST 320W: Gender, Sexuality, and Media
  • Span 045: Special Topic Gender and Sexuality in Hispanic Cultures
  • SPAN 356: Gender, Sexuality, and Feminism in Spanish Literature
  • SPAN 379: Gender, Sexuality, and Feminism in Spanish-American Literature
Social Sciences
  • ANTH 203: Human Sexuality
  • ANTH 222: Sex, Gender, and Culture (Prereq 6 credits in Social Science or sophomore standing)
  • HIST 293: Special Topics in Legal History (VT)
  • HIST 298: Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Islam
  • HIST 308: Women, Sex, and Gender in Modern Europe
  • HIST 335: Sex, Society, and Indian Cinema
  • PSCI 102: Current Political Controversies. VT
  • SOC 243: Sex and Gender in Comparative Perspective: (Prereq SOC 101)
  • SOC 246: The Sociology of Human Sexuality (Prereq SOC 101)
  • URBST 114: Sex and the City
  • URBST 238: Women and Health
  • WGS 210: Variable Topics (will be offered with LGBTQ theme on regular basis)
  • WGS 320: Internship (with permission of WGS program director)
  • WGS 390W: Tutorial in Women and Gender Studies
Mathematics/Natural Sciences
  • PSYCH 353: Psychology of Sex Roles (Prereqs: One course from the developmental sequence (PSYCH 214, 215, 216, or 217) and either PSYCH 221 or 232)
  • PSYCH 354: Sexual Behavior (Prereqs: One course from the developmental sequence (PSYCH 214, 215, 216, or 217) and either PSYCH 221 or 232)


  • WGS 250: Global Feminisms

Sample Course of Study

Year 1 Fall WGS 104 (1) Introductory course
Spring WGS 201W (1) Core course (W)
Year 2 Fall WGS 204 (1) Core course
Spring Social Science course (1) Elective
Year 3-4 Fall/ Spring Arts/Humanities course

Global course

(1) Elective

(1) Elective


Major/Minor Declaration Form

After you have completed all the information requested and obtained the appropriate departmental signatures, please return this form to the Once Stop Service Center (Dining Hall 128) or the Office of the Registrar (Jefferson Hall 100). Departments that required copy of this form should make a copy of it before returning it to the student.
See more info at QC’s Academic Advising Center.