Requirements for the Major (36 credits)

Core Requirements (four courses, 12 credits)
    • WGS 101, 101W: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
    • WGS 201W: Theories of Feminism
    • WGS 310: Independent Research project.  Consult with the director.
    • WGS 320: Fieldwork (Internship) in Women and Gender Studies. Consult with the director.
Distribution Requirements (minimum 9 credits)
Students must take at least one course from each of the three areas listed below.  One of these courses must concern questions of race or ethnicity.  Examples of distribution courses include but are not limited to:
Women, Gender, and Scientific Inquiry
    • ANTH 203: Human Sexuality
    • BIOL 106: Life-Forms
    • FNES 163: Nutrition I
    • PSYCH 353: Psychology of Sex Roles
    • PSYCH 354: Sexual Behavior
Women, Gender, and Cultural Traditions
    • MEDST 320/320W: Gender, Sexuality, and Media
    • ANTH 222: Sex, Gender, and Culture
    • CMLIT 229W: Women in Modern World Literature
    • ENGL 325: Topics in Gender and Sexualities
    • ENGL 326: Women Writers and Literary Tradition
    • FNES 147: Family Relations
    • FNES 151: The Family and Consumer Studies
    • PHIL 150: Philosophy and Feminism
Women, Gender, and Society
    • ECON 219W: Economics of Class, Race, and Sex
    • ECON 230: Women’s Issues in Economics
    • HIST 270: History of Women in the United States, Colonial to 1880
    • HIST 271: History of Women in the United States, 1880 to the Present
    • HIST 308: Women, Sex, and Gender in Modern Europe
    • LALS 208: The Puerto Rican and the Latin American Woman
    • PSCI 285: Race, Class, Gender, and Law
    • PSCI 381W: Seminar in American Politics
    • SOC 214: The Family
    • SOC 243: Sex and Gender in Comparative Perspective
    • SOC 244: Sociology of Women
    • SOC 245: Women and Work
    • SOC 246: The Sociology of Human Sexuality
    • SOC 271: The Black Family
    • URBST 114: Sex in the City
    • URBST 228: Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice

Students may also use the following courses to satisfy a Distribution Requirement or an Elective, depending on the topic:

  • WGS 210: Selected Topics in Women and Gender Studies. (This course may be taken more than once if the topic is different.)
  • WGS 250: Global Feminisms. Prereq. English 110
  • WGS 390: Tutorial in Women and Gender Studies. Consult with the director.
    Electives (at least 15 credits)
    Students may use as Elective courses any courses listed under Distribution Requirements that have not been used to satisfy the distribution requirements.  They may also elect courses from among the cross-listed courses listed on this website each semester.  For courses with varying topics, consult the director.

    Requirements for the Minor (21 credits)

    Students must take each of the four Core Requirements (12 credits).
    Students must take at least one course from each of the three areas listed under Distribution Requirements (9 credits).


    Major/Minor Declaration Form

    After you have completed all the information requested and obtained the appropriate departmental signatures, please return this form to the Once Stop Service Center (Dining Hall 128) or the Office of the Registrar (Jefferson Hall 100). Departments that required copy of this form should make a copy of it before returning it to the student.

    See more info at QC’s Academic Advising Center.​