Brightspace different user experiences

Intuitive, modern, mobile-friendly

With Brightspace’s intuitive design, all users can accomplish tasks quickly, allowing more time to focus on what really matters: teaching and learning. Key features include: Instructors can design courses, create content, and grade assignments in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.


  • Designed to work on all devices with purpose-built native apps to create a positive experience for instructors and students.
  • Responsive in design, with no need to pinch-and-zoom or scroll to view content on mobile devices.

Reliable and accessible

  • Drag and drop from your desktop into Brightspace, making course creation much easier.
  • Brightspace is an international award-winning LMS for accessibility.
  • Includes an automated accessibility checker to confirm the content is ADA-compliant.
  • Features course templates to assist instructors in creating new and engaging content.
    9% uptime with no downtime or maintenance.
Example of drag and drop screen
Brightspace device cluster 2

Tools to create engaging courses

  • Add annotations, inline audio, video, and other media directly into course content from content repositories or external sites.
  • Integrate videotelephony software tools like Zoom and Turnitin into Brightspace.

Getting Started

To get ready for the move to the Brightspace environment, faculty are encouraged to do some clean up on their current Blackboard courses. Once cleaned up, it is advised that courses be backed up by exporting the course. Learn more about this HERE.

Office Information

Brightspace Learning Management System

Email: brightspace@qc.cuny.edu