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Advanced Certificate in Library Media Specialist 

Two certificate programs are currently available: Children and Young Adult Services in the Public Library and Archives and the Preservation of Cultural Materials. Both of these are designed for multiple audiences, such as current MLS students who wish to make explicit their specialty, and working library/information service professionals who desire a further credential demarking their expertise. All students in these two certificate programs must meet the college’s admissions standards; paraprofessionals may be required to enroll in core courses to provide the appropriate foundation for coursework in the two certificate programs.

The certificates are built around a similar structure. Within each, a core sequence of courses must have been completed. Library/information service professionals who already hold the MLS degree and may have already taken one or more of these core courses can fulfill their requirements by selecting from a menu of four elective courses.

Admissions at a Glance
Fall Deadline April 1
Spring Deadline November 1
Extended Deadline June 30
Letters of Reference 3
Essay 500 Words
PTE 68
Accepts Non-Matric Yes

Requirements for Matriculation

These requirements are in addition to the general requirements for matriculation.

  1. An interview may be requested

Deadlines may be extended further if spaces remain in the program.

Requirements for Non-Matriculation

Students are to follow the college’s requirements for non-matriculation​.