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Dual program in Library Science and History

The MLS/MA is a dual degree offered jointly by the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences (GSLIS) and the History Department. It is coordinated by the Graduate Advisor for GSLIS and the Director of Graduate Studies in History.

The program offers students the opportunity to develop skills in the methodologies of both library science, including archival and special collections management, and historical research. Graduates of the program will receive two degrees, one in the Master of Library Science and the other in the Master of Arts in History, and will be well suited for professional careers in academic libraries, museums, oral history initiatives, document conservation, and public or private archives, and for admission into Ph.D. programs in either History or Library Science.

The 54-credit program can be completed in three years of full-time study and up to six years for part-time study. The first several semesters should focus on the coursework requirements for both GSLIS and History. Students should consult advisors in either department in selecting courses that are relevant for their research and career goals. As part of their elective coursework, they are strongly encouraged to consider internships at local archives, museums, academic libraries, or other relevant institutions, for which either GSLIS or History credit will be awarded. Students may also consider the GSLIS certificate program in Archives Management in conjunction with the joint degree.

Toward the end of the program, students will undertake a six-credit final thesis or project, constituted by LBSCI 709 and HIST 792, to be taken concurrently, under the advisement of faculty members from both GSLIS and History.

Admissions at a Glance
Fall Deadline April 1
Spring Deadline November 1
Extended Deadline May 1
Letters of Reference 3
Essay 500 Words
PTE 68
Accepts Non-Matric Yes

Academic Advisor

Bobby Wintermute


Johnathan Thayer


Requirements for Matriculation

These requirements are in addition to the general requirements for matriculation.

  1. A personal statement, in the form of a cover letter (approximately 500 words in length), explaining how the applicant’s past work has led them to the MLS/MA program, and their professional objectives following completion.
  2. An interview is required for admission, and applicants will be contacted after the committee has read their materials.

Deadlines may be extended further if spaces remain in the program.

Requirements for Non-Matriculation

Students are to follow the college’s requirements for non-matriculation​.