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Master of Arts in Mathematics

The Master’s program in mathematics provides both pure and applied tracks of study, with a variety of elective courses from which student can choose topics that interest them most. Students completing this program earn a strong background in both applications and theory, making our students highly qualified for employment in industry, the business world, and academia. Many MA Mathematics courses are offered on weekday evenings, giving those students with employment or other time constraints maximum flexibility.

Contact the Academic Advisor if you have any questions about the Master’s Program in Mathematics.​

Admissions at a Glance
Fall Deadline April 1
Spring Deadline November 1
Extended Deadline None
Letters of Reference 2
Essay 500 Words
PTE 44
Accepts Non-Matric Yes

Requirements for Matriculation

These requirements are in addition to the general requirements for matriculation.

  1. To be admitted to the program, a candidate must have at least 25 credits in advanced courses in mathematics and related fields (such as computer science and physics). At least 12 credits must be in mathematics, including advanced calculus and linear algebra, with an average of at least B in the mathematics courses. Applicants not meeting these requirements must secure special permission of the department and may be required to take courses to remove the deficiencies without receiving graduate credit
  2. At least two of the written recommendations must be from the applicant’s undergraduate instructors and must deal with the ability of the applicant to pursue graduate work in mathematics

Requirements for Non-Matriculation

Students are to follow the college’s requirements for non-matriculation​.