STEAM is the acronym standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Historically, science has has a stark reputation fill of figures, quantifications and questions. Art is often seen as more flexible, qualitative, and dynamic. Both stereotypes are wrong and the concept of STEAM pushes the notion that the interplay of STEM and Art is quintessential to learning and progress in all fields.

MakeSTEAM-Q is a project with the goal of incorporating STEAM activities to enhance student learning. Q stands for Queens, our home base, but also important qualities of makers: quizzical, quick-witted, quirky, sometimes quixotic.

An Interdisciplinary Design Program Incorporating Making and Design Thinking to enhance STEM Education

A team of faculty and researchers from Queens College, CUNY and the New York Hall of Science are working together to answer some big questions about education:

  • What happens when you integrate informal learning into the general education undergraduate curriculum?
  • Will students be more motivated to tackle tough content?
  • Will learning be more long-lasting?
  • Will students be more likely to succeed and feel a stronger sense of being STEM practitioners?

Award Number (FAIN): 1928565