President’s Message: Safe Campus

At Queens College we take pride in providing a safe environment in which learning and teaching can flourish. We are aware that recent events in Parkland, Florida, and Central Michigan State have increased concern about campus safety. We take very seriously any act that might threaten to disturb the atmosphere of trust and safety we work to promote on our campus. All threats are investigated by our Public Safety office. Additionally, we consult a variety of offices at CUNY Central–including Public Safety and Student Affairs–as well as the NYPD 107th Precinct. Depending on our findings, we can increase campus public safety patrols in specific areas of the college. In fact, from time to time, we have used officers from the CUNY SAFE Team to supplement our public safety officers. The SAFE Team is comprised of officers from public safety departments across the University.

While we take all potential threats seriously, they do not all entail a similar response. We tailor our safety, communications, and awareness response based on the intelligence we have on campus and in consultation with campus stakeholders, the NYPD, CUNY, and other state and city officials. We urge you to continue to pay attention to your surroundings and report anything that strikes you as suspicious or warranting further investigation. We also want to remind you of the many resources that Queens College has in place to cope with these situations, as well as some informative videos and literature you may want to access:

  • We have a professionally trained group of Public Safety Officers who are here to protect you; indeed, we have recently beefed up our staff with additional officers. You can reach one by calling 718-997-5911/5912. You can also contact Public Safety to schedule an individualized safety presentation for your department or unit.
  • The blue emergency phones located throughout the campus allow you to quickly call the Public Safety Office as well as help our Peace Officers locate you.
  • Add the Public Safety numbers–718-997-5911/5912–to the speed dial on your phone.
  • Surveillance cameras are located in key areas around campus, and we are increasing the number of these cameras.
  • During times of emergency, the college’s Emergency Preparedness page ( will carry updated information about the incident.
  • The New York City Police Department will be presenting its training session, How to Respond to an Active Shooter Situation, on campus throughout the semester. The next session will occur during free hour on Wednesday, March 21, in Kiely 170. You are invited to attend.
  • You can view an informative video on what to do if an active shooter comes on campus by going to the Public Safety or Emergency Preparedness website (, or by clicking here. You might want to watch this video with members of your department or unit.
  • You can find important information on the Public Safety site, including the college’s Annual Security Report and its Workplace Violence Prevention Policy.

 Now more than ever, we all understand that by working together and looking out for each other, and reporting anything that deserves our attention, we can enhance our safe and caring community. Our campus life is dear to all of us, and we will continue to provide the resources to ensure your safety and well-being here at Queens College. Thank you for your support and cooperation.