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How to report workplace violence

Incidents of workplace violence and behavior that you believe may lead to potential workplace violence must be reported promptly to a supervisor and/or the Office of Public Safety at (718) 997-5911 or (718) 997-5912.

Members of the College community are also encouraged to report other behavior they believe may lead to potential workplace violence.

What happens next?

After an incident occurs or upon receipt of a complaint, an investigation will be conducted by the Office of Public Safety. Complaints involving the Office of Public Safety will be investigated by the Office of Human Resources or other parties as appropriate.

a) The College will use a form developed by the University’s Office of Public Safety to record incidents of workplace violence. As set forth therein, investigative reports must include:

  • Workplace location where the incident occurred;
  • Time of day/shift when the incident occurred;
  • A detailed description of the incident, including events leading up to the incident and how the incident ended;
  • Names and job titles of employees involved;
  • Name or other identifier of other individual(s) involved;
  • Nature and extent of injuries arising from the incident; and
  • Names of witnesses.

b) The Workplace Violence Advisory Team (WVAT) reviews the investigation results of incidents and complaints, determines whether there is a violation of the Policy and provides a report to the President. The WVAT, with the participation of the authorized employee representative(s), conducts a review of the Campus Workplace Violence Incidents Report at least annually to identify trends in the types of incidents in the workplace and reviews the effectiveness of the mitigating actions taken.