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Awards to QC Undergraduate Students

The Asian/American Center is delighted to announce that we are able to offer three kinds of awards to students for 2021:
 2021 COVID-19 Student Support Award Procedure, Application, Letter Form, and W-9 Form

   2021 Student Scholarship Procedure, Application and Faculty Recommendation Form

2021 Student Leadership Award Procedure, Application and Recommendation Form

 2021 AAC Leadership  Description and Procedure.pdf2021 AAC Leadership Description and Procedure.pdf

 2021 AAC Leadership Application Form.pdf2021 AAC Leadership Application Form.pdf

 2021 AAC Student Leadership Recommendation Form.pdf2021 AAC Student Leadership Recommendation Form.pdf

          For Past Scholarship recipients looking to reapply, follow the links below:

June, 2021

The Asian/American Center (A/AC) is delighted to announce the following 15 students as the recipients of Student Scholarship, Student Leadership and Student Covid-Support Awards for year 2021. We want to congratulate them on their academic achievement during a time when all the classes can only be offered virtually. We are proud of the courage these students have demonstrated in taking up the challenges due to Covid-19 as well as the anti-Asian/American hate spike. The purpose of these awards is to ensure our students in need can successfully complete their undergraduate study at Queens College.

Student Scholarship/ Student Leadership/ Student COVID-19 Support Awards Recipients 2021

Aliyah Ali - Photo.jpgAliyah Ali

My name is Aliyah Ali, I am the child of parents who are immigrants of South Asian Descent. My hope is to receive a Ph.D. in biochemistry and become an avid researcher in the field. I hope to one day return my stories and research to the CUNY community (especially QC) and show everyone, especially young girls and those of a minority background that the word impossible simply breaks down to "I'm possible" as they navigate on their college journeys. Receiving the Student Leadership Award from the Asian/American Center at Queens College means the world to me. When I see this award, I do not think of myself as a number in the CUNY system, but as an individual being recognized for who I am. This award is something my ancestors could only dream of and something that my parents and family are proud of as they acknowledge how difficult it is to navigate in this world. I love the diversity of QC and the opportunities granted. There is a chance to fight for what one believes in and learn as well as grow from experiences. Words cannot express how grateful I am to the Asian/American Center at Queens College and the college itself!

Kim Chan - Picture for QC AAC.jpgKim Chan

Thanks to Professor Wu, Angela Huang, Professor Khandelwel, everyone at the Asian American Center and Jennifer Jarvis for their kindness and support.

Thank you, Professor Shin, Professor Mork, Professor Lee and Professor Zender for taking time out of their schedules to write letters of recommendation towards my applications.

Thank you to my family for getting us through this pandemic.

As the term "Asian American" is very vast, let us keep in mind/support our Indian, Muslim and Black Asian American brethren struggling through this pandemic and the issues of our world it has amplified.​

Erin Gal Photo.pngErin Gal

My name is Erin Gal. I am Korean American, currently a pre-dental, upper junior at Queens College majoring in Biology and minoring in Pre-Health, Chemistry, and Korean. My goal is to become a periodontist and create a community dental center for low/middle-income people for dental treatments. I am very honored to receive this Asian/American center scholarship and would like to thank the Asian/American Center for this wonderful award. This scholarship will enable me to continue the education I plan to pursue in 2021!

Sadia Hossain Photo.pngSadia Hossain

My name is Sadia Hossain and I’m a Psychology major here at Queens College. I have just finished my sophomore year. This is my second time receiving the A/AC’s Student Scholarship Award and I am truly grateful. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me here at Queens College. Thank you, the Asian/American Center, for giving me the opportunity once again to support my education. As a transfer student from John Jay College, the A/AC has made me feel welcome. Thank you again.

Farshad Hosseinie Photo IMG-5151.PNGFarshad Hosseinie

My name is Farshad Hosseinie. I am from Afghanistan, and I have been living in the United States since 2015. I am currently an upper sophomore at Queens College. I am extremely proud to say that I am a SEEK student. My intended major is International Business, and I am minoring in Accounting. I am extremely grateful to the Asian American Center for granting me the A/AC scholarship. I am proud to be Asian, and as a minority, I have faced many challenges, discrimination, and exclusion in the society. However, thus far Queens College has been the ideal school for me. It is diverse, everyone is looking out for one another and most importantly it provides a great education for students to pursue their                                            degrees. This scholarship allows me to focus more on my studies and shall reduce the                                              financial burden of my family. I really appreciate the Asian American Center for its financial                                        support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity.

Navjot Kaur _ Picture.jpgNavjot Kaur

Mname is Navjot Kaur. I'm a lower senior at Queens College studying Accounting. My long-term goal is to become a CPA candidate by earning my 150 credits by the end of 2022. I am very grateful to the Asian American Center for choosing me as one of the recipients of this scholarship. This award will help me pay for my summer courses and make it easier for me to graduate early. One thing I love about studying at Queens College is that it allows students the opportunity to connect by participating in various clubs that Queens College provides. I would like to congratulate all the students for receiving this scholarship award and again, I want to thank the Asian American Center for providing financial support to college students and helping them continue taking classes without financial stress, especially during                                    Covid-19.

Zilin Li Photo 20210516225720.jpgZilin Li

My name is Zilin Li. I am an immigrant from China. I am currently a freshman at Queens College. I am very grateful to the Asian American Center for providing scholarship opportunities. It will bring me great support in academics and finance. At the same time, I am also very grateful to QC for providing me with an environment of academic freedom. Thank you again, Asian/American Center.

Pei Liu Picture.jpgPei Liu

My name is Pei Liu. I am a sophomore at Queens College. I was born in China. The Asian/American Student Leadership Award gives me a more progressive view of Asian Americans. The solidarity of diverse Asian ethnicities can only make Asian Americans stronger and more united. We shall be able to better voice our rights! When I entered Queens College, I could sense a helping hand from different groups and organizations. The year 2000 made me aware of the influential role of social interaction. Students helped each other and took up the challenges caused by COVID-19 together. Thanks again to the Asian/American Center for this valuable award.

Fangfang Lyu Picture.jpgFangfang Lyu

am Fangfang. My family and I came from China. Being an Asian is something that always makes me proud. Thank you, A/AC, for making me more appreciative of who I am. This scholarship is a wonderful gift that will support me throughout my study at Queens College for the following year. I will use it in my education and necessity that can make me into a better student and a teacher in the future. Thank you, Professor Khandelwal and Professor Wu, for your support and help. Everyone, please stay well and enjoy your life!

Oscar Ngai photo.jpegOscar Ngai

My name is Oscar Ngai, and I am extremely grateful to the Asian/American Center (A/AC) for granting me the Student Leadership Award for 2021. I always loved the atmosphere of Queens College and how it was a place of acceptance. By receiving this opportunity, it allows me to continue pursuing the means of bettering the lives of those around me and in my community. I aspire to become an educator that students can look up to and remember what it means to be compassionate and accepting of those around them. This award will ensure the continuance of my education and push me to do more for my community. I would once again like to                                     thank the Asian/American Center for supporting my journey with this award.

Maliha Rahman Photo.pngMaliha Rahman

 My name is Maliha Rahman, and I am a junior at Queens College in the SEEK program. I am very grateful to the Asian/American Center for this precious Student Leadership Award. As an Asian American student, this award means a lot to me. I look forward to working with our Asian American Community and help the minority group to raise voice against injustice. I love the diverse culture at Queens College.

Seema Saleem Picture.jpgSeema Saleem

My name is Seema Saleem, and I am a junior at Queens College. I am currently double majoring in the Early Education Program, as well as Middle Eastern Studies. I am beyond grateful for being the recipient of the highest Asian American Student Leadership Award 2021 from the Asian/American Center of the college.  Teaching and helping others have always been a passion of mine. Fortunately for me, I have been blessed with volunteering opportunities in educational settings for 25+ years. The best thing you can do with knowledge is to spread it to others and spark creativity among learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Bryan Seng Photo.pngBryan Seng

My name is Bryan, I am majoring in mathematics and would like to eventually study accounting. I am from Colombia, and I enjoy interacting with people from different countries because it is interesting to learn about other cultures. One thing I like to do in my free time is to play soccer. I have loved soccer since I was a little kid. I am very grateful for this Scholarship Award because it will help me a lot with my needs during these difficult times. I thank the A/AC for the opportunity they gave me to get this award. I am happy to be attending QC because I like the diversity it has. Also, the campus is nice. Thank you the A/AC.

Akashdeep Singh Photo.jpgAkashdeep Singh

I’m a junior in Queens College- and I have been Vice President of the college’s Gender Love and Sexuality Club. I am extremely grateful to be the recipient of this scholarship award. It means a lot to me that I’m able to continue my semesters and my graduate studies beyond Queens College- and not have to worry as much financially. Not only does this award validate my merit, and my small contributions to Queens College- but it validates my identity. I am South Asian. I am queer. I am Sikh. I might not be my straight, white counterparts and yet I’m just as qualified for the American Dream. Thank you for letting this award remind me of such.

Seongkyung_Son Photo.JPGSeongkyung Son
My name is Seongkyung Son. I am very honored to receive the Asian/American Center's Scholarship Award again. I am an immigrant student from South Korea, and I study music performance at Queens College. My primary instrument is the piano. My dream is to help the Korean American immigrant community as a music instructor and an artist upon my graduation. Additionally, I want to play a role in bridging Asian and American cultures with music. This scholarship award will aid me in achieving my academic goal and my dream. With the support of the scholarship and the great education from Queens College, I will be successful. I am deeply thankful for this great support offered by the Asian/American Center.

September, 2020​
The Asian/American Center (A/AC) is delighted to announce the following students as its Student Scholarship and Leadership Awards recipients for the academic year 2020-202​1. This is an unprecedented time with unusual changes due to Covid-19 and we are fully aware that many of our students and their families are being affected by the pandemic. As we can see from the brief statements of the award recipients, our students are truly resilient. We are pleased and take pride in the support we could provide to our valuable students at a time they most need it.​​

2020 Scholarship Recipients 

IMG_0165.jpegBryan Seng

I want to thank the Asian/American Center for the opportunity they gave me to receive this scholarship. This scholarship will really help me continue my education at Queens College throughout the college year of 2020-2021. I’m so grateful for this support since I know now that I can be worry-free and focus on my studying goals for the upcoming academic year. I will do the best I can to live up to this scholarship. Thank you again, Asian/American Center. 

Hina passport2.jpgHina Ashraf

I am extremely grateful to the Asian American Center for granting me the Asian American Center’s Scholarship for 2020. I would like to thank the center for their timely support for my education at Queens College. I chose to pursue a second degree in Food & Nutrition due to my ailing husband whose health I believe can be improved through my in-depth knowledge in this field. Moreover, as a future dietician, I am resolute in my aspirations to make a positive change in the health of my community. This scholarship has definitely reduced my financial burden so now I can focus more on my studies. I shall incessantly strive for academic excellence and expand my community services to make myself worthy of this scholarship in every possible way.

kimchanphoto.jpegKim Chan

I am a transfer student who is from a Chinese-Filipino immigrant family.  Currently, I am a graphic design major with a concentration in animation/illustration with hopes to expand my career in the latter. I am grateful to Professor Hong Wu and Program Assistant Angela Huang for their guidance in the entire process regarding applying for Asian/American Center’s scholarships; and I want to thank the Scholarship Review Committee for seeing substance in my dream! While the artistic expression is a huge part of our AAPI cultures, it is not always encouraged because it does not guarantee financial stability/security and thus does not always reflect on us or our families as a success.  I am grateful and humbled to be able to continue my educational journey with the assistance of this scholarship from the Asian/American Center. 

Sadia Hossain

My name is Sadia Hossain and I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the Asian/American Center (A/AC) for allowing me to pursue this amazing scholarship. 

I am a new Freshman transfer student from John Jay College and shortly after I arrived at Queens College, I learned about the exciting Asian/American Center’s Student Scholarship Awards and applied for it.  Unfortunately, I was only on campus for a few weeks before the college got closed and we all had to go on lockdown due to the pandemic. And just a few days after the lockdown, my father was rushed to the hospital where he spent twenty days on life support due to COVID-19. My father being hospitalized truly played a key role in what I wanted to do in the future. I have always had an interest in the medical field but I never truly believed in myself or had the courage. Those long painful forty-five days being on the phone with my father’s doctors and nurses multiple times a day made me realize there is nothing more I wanted than to help people. I am extremely grateful that my father is here with us today, celebrating this precious scholarship.

Even though I was only on campus at Queens College for about a month and a half before we had to go on lockdown, given the chance to receive this scholarship makes me feel very welcomed! This scholarship will definitely help lighten my financial burden as I continue my education at Queens College. I hope to give back to the community one day the same way the Asian/American Center has provided support to me.

Seongkyung_Son.JPGSeongkyung Son

My na
​e is
Seongkyung Son and I am honored to receive the Asian/American Center's Scholarship Award. I am an immigrant student from South Korean, and I study music performance at the college. My dream is to help the Korean American immigrant community as a music instructor upon my graduation. This scholarship will aid me in achieving my academic goal and my dream. With the support of the scholarship and the great education from Queens College, I will be successful. I am deeply thankful for this great support offered by the Asian/American Center.

2020 Leadership Award Recipien

Maliha Rahman Leadership Award Picture.jpegMaliha Rahman

I am grateful to the Asian/American Center (A/AC) for my Leadership Award. As an immigrant who came to the USA at the age of 15, this award is a recognition of an important achievement that I have made and that is to care about social issues and air my voice on them. As an Asian American, I used to feel discouraged to be the first voice in a room. Having participated in the Student Council of A/AC for the past two semesters, I have changed because I have learned that each individual, regardless of our race and background, has an obligation to our communities in which we live. I look forward to enhancing my full potential to be an accomplished student at Queens College as well as an active member of the campus and local communities.

Noah Joung Leadership Award Picture.jpeg
Noah Joung

I am truly grateful to the Asian American Center’s Leadership Award, which has given me an opportunity to grow; not only as a Queens College student but as an Asian American living in the United States. Dealing with poverty and racism that occur in our everyday life, I would love to see my other fellow Asian Americans become active in our communities and successful for our families especially through hardships that we deal with as a minority. We do deserve the same equality as any other race and should be proud of our ethnic identities.



2019 Scholarship Recipients
                                                  Shuqi Huang
Shuqi [cropped].jpg

"My name is Shuqi Huang. I am an immigrant student and came from China three years ago. I have a double major in Childhood Education and Chinese. I received Asian/American Center’s scholarship last year, and feel so fortunate & proud to receive it again this year. The scholarship application states that the purpose of the scholarship program is to help those in need successfully complete their college education. The fact I am getting it for the second time shows that they really care about the students and are practicing what they say. This scholarship I am receiving will help ensure my graduation in may 2020."

ira Shirzad
Basira [cropped].jpg

"My name is Basira Shirzad and I am honored to receive the Asian/American Center Scholarship Award. I am a sophomore pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science and I hope to get involved in the technology field… I am extremely grateful for this scholarship offered by the Asian/American Center as it will help me to grow and be successful in my career path."​

                                                 Xincheng Yang
"My name​ is Xincheng, and I came to New York City ten years ago from Fuzhou, China... I am a Sophomore majoring in Secondary Math Education and my goal is to become a math teacher. For that, I need to both improve my English and take advanced Math and Computer Science courses in the summer… With the scholarship from the Asian/American Center, I will be able to take additional courses in summer, which will help me tremendously in boosting my academic progress and getting closer to achieving my goals."

Sagar Saha
Sagar [cropped].jpg​"I transferred from the Borough of Manhattan Community College to continue my education here at Queens College... I was born in this country in an immigrant household and I am the first generation in my family to pursue higher education in the United States. It took me time to figure out my education path and now I am pursuing an education degree at Queens College. I know my passion is to become a math teacher. As an educator, I would like to educate future generations of students so that they can achieve their goals and aspirations. This scholarship will ease my financial burden and take pressure of my family and myself to pay for my college expenses."   

                                                 Guoshen Li
Guoshen 1 [cropped].jpg
"I am the first in my family to attend college. I value the opportunity and have tried my best to do well. Ever since I was a child, I have been passionate about helping people who are sick or in pain. After entering the college, I chose biology major since I wanted to be a doctor. Outside of college, I have been working with children with special needs. Like many immigrant families, life has not been easy for us.  I am really grateful that Asian/American Center has granted me this scholarship, which will help me in time with the expenses of medical school applications when I graduate from Queens College next spring."

 Nabila Chowdhury
Nabila [cropped].jpg
"​My name is Nabila Chowdhury. Firstly, I would like to thank the Asian/American Center for giving me the honor of receiving this scholarship again. But more importantly, thank you for creating the community I have found in A/AC. The Student Council is a precious space for Pan-Asian solidarity. Professor Khandelwal and Professor Wu have been amazing, sincere mentors to students like myself in the Student Council. They have always driven us towards further exploring our identities as Asian-Americans and identifying the commonalities between all of our experiences. Thank you for creating this space to be vibrantly Asian-American."

                                                  Amanda Mercado​
Amanda [cropped].jpg"​My name is Amanda Mercado. I am in the last semester of my junior year at Queens College.  I’m pursuing a Spanish Bachelor's degree along with Secondary Education and Youth Services Masters degree... I would like to thank the Asian/American Center for selecting me and honoring me with the Student Recognition Award. I am grateful for being given the opportunity to be standing here and for the chance to speak out. I encourage all of you to never give up on your dreams and to be determined to achieve everything you have dreamed about."


2018 Scholarship Recipients

​     Nabila Chowdhury 
Nabila_Cropped 2.jpg

Hi everyone, my name is Nabila Chowdhury. Firstly I’d like to thank to the Asian American Center for creating this scholarship and for supporting Asian Americans like myself that comes from varying classes, citizenship statuses, and identities. 

In New York, the South Asian community is known for being isolationist. We have so much work to do in addressing the internal issues that we treat as taboo and showing solidarity with other minority communities. One of the biggest reasons why I chose to major in Political Science and applied for this scholarship is because I want the tools and resources to be able to change this trend in my community and create the representation we lack for ourselves. I will not be liberated until my community is liberated. My community will not be liberated until all communities are liberated. In the words of Assata Shakur, “We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”  

Thank you again. 

     Runhui Deng

Hello everyone, welcome,my name is Runhui Deng. It is such an honor to make a speech here.  

Asian/American Scholarships have greatly enlightened me. They facilitated my progress as a student in school and an individual in the community, and their influence is ongoing. 

This Scholarship has not just helped me on the financial side, it also stands for enriching our community. By rewarding scholarships to students, the Asian/American Center illustrates its faith in the younger generations to pass on the traditions of truth, strength, and service. 

This is the greatest honor to me. 

Thank you everyone. ​

     ​Xinye Feng
Photo_Xinye Feng_Cropped.bmp
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My name is Xinye Feng, I'm a freshman studying music performance at Queens college. I have classes from 9 to 4, and sometimes I rehearse till 10 pm.

But I love music, and I chose this to be my major, to journey down a path that many do not take. Besides my passion for music, I have a bigger goal for myself. I came to the United States from Guangzhou, China, in 2000, when I was just 6 months old. My parents and my grandparents fled my home country due to religious oppression. They were tortured and sent to brainwashing camps. My family came to the United States, the land of the free, to practice their religion freely.
Growing up, I learned how to speak and read Chinese, but I had little knowledge about my culture or history. This scholarship will aid me in my musical studies here in Queens College, and hopefully I will become a great oboist and play in orchestras. Also the Asian American Center has helped me learn about my motherland, and I feel honored to be selected as a scholarship recipient. I'm deeply thankful to be given a chance to learn and prosper in Queens College as an Asian American. Thank you so much.

       Shuqi Huang

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Shuqi Huang. Two years ago, I came to America with a big dream. A dream to help more families like mine, who are struggling with taking care of a disabled family member, a dream to let everyone receive the education he deserves.
Sometimes things do get hard when you struggle to be independent and maintain good grades - you doubt that if all these efforts are worthy. 

That is why I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to receive this scholarship. 

It is not only a financial support for me to complete education at QC but also a priceless encouragement and motivation for me, as an Asian American, to dream high, dream big until I achieve my dream.

            Ka Leung
Good afternoon everyone, my name is Ka Leung. First I want to say thank you to Asian American Center.

The scholarship is going to help me a lot financially, it can support my college expenses such as tuition, textbook fee, transportation, and food. So that I can focus on my school work without worrying.

I am an immigrant, I have a mission which is to bring and promote Asian culture here. For me to accomplish that, I have to be well educated. With the support of the scholarship and the great education from Queens College, I will be successful and able to successfully promote Asian culture together with Asian American Center.

         Fawzia Shirzad 

My Asian American experience has encouraged me to ambitiously seek out an education. Education is a right and a necessity, no doubt, but to see it in the light of a blessing has fostered my academic growth, as will this scholarship. I would like to thank the Asian American center for this scholarship, which I will use to invest in my education and my dream to pursue a career in Neuroscience.

2018 Leadership Award Recipients

  Jabeen Cheema ​ 
Jabeen_Crop.jpgGood Afternoon, my name is Jabeen Cheema.

It is a privilege to be receiving this Asian American Student Leadership Award from Asian/American Center of Queens College.

As a graduating senior, I must credit the Asian American Center for shaping me from a “someone” a few years ago to Jabeen, I am now. While taking on roles to challenge oneself is certainly important, in my view, it is equally important to seek meaning and understanding of one’s identity.

My personal interests have led me to be a part of various enterprises. Whether that be at the City Council as a participatory budgeting intern, the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Middle East Program (where you spend 30days traveling different parts of the ME and learn about the social and economic issues of the region) or working with AALDEF through the A/AC, this experiential learning added to my identity and highlighted the significance of civic engagement. Igniting a much deeper and imperishable interest in public service and the confidence to be able to take leadership roles.

I learned that identity is not just based on biology, culture and religion. Through this journey of getting to know myself I feel empowered. I am a Muslim South Asian Women however I do not want to be boxed in categories.

My journey of self-identification has led me to discover an untouched capability within myself. The recognition that comes with this award is certainly reassuring to my energy and enthusiasm and I will continue to strive for higher goals in the future. This acknowledgment is truly meaningful to me and my fellow members and I want to thank Asian/American Center on behalf of many Queens College students like myself.

​    Sarah Franco 
Good afternoon everyone. 

I would like thank the Asian/American Center, specifically Prof. Khandelwal and Dr. Wu, for their continuous efforts in supporting and encouraging student leaders. I would also like to thank the generous funding that made this award possible. 

I have been involved in numerous leadership positions during my time here at QC.  Some of these experiences include advocating for marginalized peoples through investigative work at the Bronx Defenders, a public defense and advocacy organization. My internship in the Queens Borough President’s Office allowed me to explore public service and advocacy through my work with the General Counsel there. My time as a Student Council Representative for A/AC these past three semesters has been particularly invaluable as I explored advancement of equality and diversity in practical ways.  

As I graduate this semester, I move forward into the workforce well equipped with the leadership experiences I have had the opportunity to be involved in. This award will assist me towards my goals by providing funding towards my future plans to also attend law school. Thank you very much.   

  Mahnoor Mirza ​
Mahnoor Mirza_Cropped.bmpThank You for selecting me for this award. Special thanks to Professor Khandelwal and Professor Wu for their guidance and for working with the Student Council with so much dedication. My time at the Council has been quite formative as I have learned so much more about what it means to be an Asian and an American and how as residents and citizens of this country, we need to be more active in our communities and our local politics. We can’t remain apathic to the going ons as it affects us all on every aspect of our lives. Even if we just choose an issue that resonates within us and work on it to create change, that work, when combined with the work of others who are striving towards similar goals, makes a vast difference.

Personally, I am passionate about female empowerment. A lot of progress has occurred over the past few decades, especially these past few years but women are still a minority in many high positions. In our Congress, there are only 105 women amongst a total of 535 members. Among the Fortune 500 companies, there are only 32 women CEOs. It is important that we keep working on this issue but also while keeping intersectionality in mind as well. It isn’t enough if we just focus on women in mainstream media or a specific group of women. Women, wherever they are, can benefit from empowerment since historically, women have often been degraded worldwide. As Audre Lorde puts it, "I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own."  

This all culminates to being a reason why I created my club on campus called Nisa Student Association. I founded Nisa last year in hopes of empowering Muslim women specifically by being a support group where they can foster themselves intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Often, we are our own adversaries and don’t see our potential until there is someone who affirms our values. This group is especially important in light of the high increase in Islamophobia. I want our Nisa members to feel safe and respected for who they are and not what others expect them to be.  I want them to be their own kind of leader and have a voice as "A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman." —Melinda Gates

ope to make Nisa a cornerstone of success and support for women of all backgrounds, across America. This will be a slow process but small steps will eventually become a movement. Currently, our club went from nothing to about 170 members. We have done various events such as on domestic abuse, civil rights, self-defense and much more. 

To further my dream of making Nisa into an actual, living, nationwide organization, I plan on using my legal studies to help make a difference. I am going to law school next year and am hoping to pursue women’s rights law amongst other specializations. This award is essential to that dream as it re-affirms my values as a leader, as someone who wants to create positive change, as someone who is dedicated, and as someone who wishes to share this determination onward to the wider world.  Like Maya Angelouu said: "I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that's me." 

So, thank you, once again.


2017 Scholarship Recipients
Ms. Mashiyat Alam, Junior, Biology
It’s hard to put a price on recognition. When I first got the email about this scholarship, I thought wow, this is the first scholarship I feel comfortable doing. And I've never really won one before either, so this was all very new to me. I thought, let's give it a shot anyway. And I somehow got it, to my great astonishment. But to me, it's not just about the money. It’s about the recognition that I am an Asian American, and my experiences, my voice, and my perspective matters. That’s what this scholarship means to me. My name is Mashiyat Alam, and I am a Biology major and a Japanese minor, and I am proud to be an Asian American. I want to thank everyone who thought I was deserving. I want to congratulate all of my fellow recipients as well. Thank you.

Mr. Runhui Deng, Junior, Math and Economics
Hello, everyone. My name is Runhui Deng. It is such an honor to be here making a speech. My family and I came to the United States in 2012. Neither of my parents spoke any English, and my sister and I just spoke a little bit. It was hard to get used to our new lives – we all felt depressed at the time with the difficulties we were facing, both socially and financially. My sister and I are the first generation in our family to go to college; neither of my parents finished high school. Needless to say, they are proud of their children. I have to find a job during the school year to pay for costs other than tuition. It is not easy to be a full time student, work part time, and maintain good grades at the same time. The existence of Asian American Center Scholarship helps my family financially and myself socially. It encourages me to believe things will come through, to just keep trying and never give up. I sincerely appreciate the efforts made by Professor Wu, the Asian American Center, and the Ames family for their generous support. I am looking forward to make my contributions to our society.

Mr. Yunke Gao, Senior, Computer Science
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Yunke Gao. This is my second time standing here, it’s a great pleasure for standing here again. For this time, I will not talk about my background, I will like to share some experiences that I have with Asian American Center for the past one year. The first thing, I want to talk about, is the events that Asian American Center has. I remember there is an event that Asian American Center invited one speaker called Jerry who is a staff attorney at Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund. I learned the history and development of Asian American in the United States from his speech, and how we are fighting for our rights in voting and policies. Especially for Queens, we have increase the amount of Asian minority. The second thing is the being a member of the Student Council of Asian/American Center. This is a new experience for me too. We have some meetings for the Student Council. And I also benefit a lot from those meetings. One example is that I knew who Vincent Chin is. For many of you are my age might not know about Vincent Chin. His case is very significant for Asian American history and movement of Asian American.  Thank you.


Mr. Hon Fai (Sam) Kan, Senior, Sociology & Urban Studies
Good evening everyone, it is my honor to receive this scholarship and I really would like to thank the Asian American Center once again. As professor Wu said before, the Asian American population has been soaring. However, we are still being neglected in different aspects. From my point of view, I believe there are two best ways to empower ourselves. One is exercising our voting right, the other would be acquiring higher education. Getting a college degree would not only help one to advance the social ladder, but can also empower himself. Thank you everyone! 


Ms. Rita Malo, Junior, Political Science & Comparative Literature
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Asian/American Center (A/AC) for selecting me as one of the A/AC Scholarship recipient this year. Opportunities such as the A/AC Scholarship Program are essential in ensuring that the hard work, dedication, and struggles of Asian American students are recognized, voiced, and appreciated. The events and activities held by the Asian American Center, such as the discussions on race and immigration, are of utmost importance given the current political climate. These events are not only thought provoking and informative, but they create a sense of solidarity amongst Asian American students as well as the wider college community.

Due to the generosity of the Asian American Center, I have been able to fully focus on my academic goals for the past year and will continue to do so this year as well. Although City University of New York offers a great education at a fraction of a price in comparison to private schools, paying for tuition, fees, and books can be extremely challenging and stressful for students and their families. Because a lot of students, attending Queens College come from marginalized backgrounds, waiting to see if you'll receive financial aid after filing FAFSA each semester can be disappointing if you don't qualify. Students may even have to drop a class or worse, withdraw from a semester because the financial burden is too overwhelming. For example, before receiving the scholarship, I recall the times when I was forced to sacrifice taking courses that I really liked because the financial burden was too much.

However, the Asian American scholarship ensures that my financial needs are completely taken care of and has allowed me to focus on what’s truly important: pursuing my goals and finishing my education on time. Over the past year, I have been able to take extra language courses in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies. Although these courses are essential to my educational interests and professional goals, I wouldn’t have been able to take it had it not been for the scholarship. Due to the scholarship allowing me to intellectually explore a variety of different possibilities, I have been able to develop my research interests pertaining to the Middle East and currently work with several faculty members on a capstone project. I intend to continue working on my research and will be applying for PhD programs in Middle Eastern history and politics. More importantly, the scholarship has ensured that I remain on track to graduating on time next spring.

As I complete my last year in Queens College, I am honored and thankful for receiving this generous scholarship for the past two years. Thank you for enabling this opportunity!
2015-2016 Scholarship Recipients
      Yunke Gao, Junior                        Rita Malo, Sophomore
      Computer Science Major             Political Science and Comparative Literature Major

  Diana Ng, Junior, Design Major 

 Franklin Paek, Freshman,  Major Undecided

2014-2015 Scholarship Recipients

gfh.jpg                 5515.jpg            411.jpg
 Ruibo Chen, Senior                   Lovepreet Singh, Freshman         Juhyun So, Sophomore
          Computer Science Major            Biology Major                            Math and Music Major


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