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Academic Programs


The Center for Byzantine and Greek Studies publishes a scholarly journal and as well as a book series. Both publications cover a wide spectrum of subjects related to Hellenism and the Greek American community.

Journal of Modern Hellenism

The Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies Program and the Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies cosponsor a scholarly journal, the Journal of Modern Hellenism (JMH). It is published annually and 27 volumes of JMH have been published until today. The Journal of Modern Hellenism covers a variety of fields and disciplines from history, to anthropology, to literature and politics. Several Greek American authorities on this subjects as well as prominent personalities from the Greek intellectual world, have contribute to JMS.

  Journal of Modern Hellenism Volume 27
Winter 2009-2010
Byzantium: Essays in Honor of Angela Constantinides Hero
 Journal of Modern Greek Hellenism Vol. 25-26 Cover Journal of Modern Hellenism Volume 25-26
Winter 2008-2009


The Modern Greek Research Series

The Center has a publication series in the framework of its Modern Greek Research Project. The purpose of this monograph series is to promote and disseminate scholarly works on the history, institutions, and the culture of the Greek people. The series is sponsored and edited by the Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Queens College of the City University of New York.

The Center publishes it book series through the New York based Pella Publishing Company. Occasionally, the Center also publishes co-sponsored books as indicated below.

 The Cyprus File Cover James G. Pyrros
The Cyprus File: Washington, D.C. A Diary of the Cyprus Crisis in the Summer of 1974
New York, Pella Publishing Co., 2010
 Confronting the Greek Dictatorship Cover Orestis E. Vidalis.
Confronting the Greek Dictatorship in the U.S. Years of Exile: A Personal Diary (1968-1975)
New York, Pella Publishing Co., 2009
 My Detroit Cover Dan Georgakas
My Detroit: Growing Up Greek and American in Motor City
New York, Pella Publishing Co., 2006
 Greek Junta Phenomenon Cover Theodore A. Couloumbis
The Greek Junta Phenomenon: A Professor’s Notes
New York, Pella Publishing Co., 2004
 Mantinades of Crete Cover Stylianos V. Spyridakis
The Voice of the People: Mantinades of Crete
New York, Pella Publishing Co., 2004
 Reading Greek America Cover Spyros. D. Orfanos, editor.
Reading Greek America: Studies in the Experience of Greeks in the United States.
New York: Pella Publishing Co., 2002
 Realpolitik in the Eastern Mediterranean Cover Christos P. Ioannides,
Realpolitik in the Eastern Mediterranean: From Kissinger and the Cyprus Crisis to Carter and the Lifting of the Turkish Arms Embargo.
New York: Pella Publishing Co., 2001.
 The Eastern Question Cover Harry J. Psomiades,
The Eastern Question, the Last Phase: A Study in Greek-Diplomacy.
New York: Pella Publishing Co., Second Edition, 2000.
 Greek American Families Cover S.J. Tsemberis, H.J. Psomiades and A. Karpathakis, editors,
Greek American Families: Traditions and Transformations.
New York: Pella Publishing Co., 1999
 Greece and the New Balkans Cover Van Coufoudakis, Harry J. Psomiades and Andre Gerolymatos, editors.
Greece and the New Balkans: Challenges and Opportunities.
New York: Pella Publishing Co., 1999.
 Greece the New Europe Cover H.J. Psomiades and S.B. Thomadakis, editors.
Greece, the New Europe and the Changing International Order.
New York: Pella Publishing Co., 1993.
 Education and Greek Americans Cover S.D.Orfanos, H.J. Psomiades and S. Spyridakis, editors.
Education and Greek Americans: Problems and Prospects.
New York: Pella Publishing Co., 1987.
 The Greek American Community in Transition Cover Harry J. Psomiades and Alice Scourby, editors.
The Greek American Community in Transition.
New York: Pella Publishing Co., 1982.
 Greek American Relations Cover Theodore Couloumbis and John Iatrides, editors.
Greek American Relations: A Critical Review.
New York: Pella Publishing Co., 1980.
 Foreign Interference in Greek Politics Cover Theodore Couloumbis, John Petropoulos and Harry Psomiades, editors.
Foreign Interference in Greek Politics: An Historical Perspective.
New York: Pella Publishing Co., 1976.
 Essays on Cyprus Conflict Van Coufoudakis, editor.
Essays on the Cyprus Conflict.
New York: Pella Publishing Co., 1976.

Co-sponsored Books

 Witness for Christ Cover Rev. Dr. NM. Vaporis, editor.
Witness for Christ: Orthodox Christian Neomartyrs of the Ottoman Period, 1437-1860.
Publication co-sponsored by the Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies and St. Valdimir's Orthodox Theological Press, New York, 2000.


 Office Information

Director: Gerasimus Katsan

 Book Orders


Most of these Books are available and can be ordered at:

Pella Publishing Company, Inc.
337 West 36 th Street
New York, NY 10018-6401

Phone: 212-279-9586
Fax: 212-594-3602


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