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Steven Kruger


Klapper Hall, Room 343
Phone: 718-997-4631

Research Interests

I am currently working on a new book about medieval conversion experience, tentatively titled Convert Orthodoxies, which will consider how and why medieval Jewish converts to Christianity – in a wide range of places and times, from 12th and 13th century France and England to 15th century Spain – became important and influential spokesmen for their adopted religion. I also continue to be interested in the literary genre of medieval dream vision, which was the subject of my earliest publications, and some recent articles connect to that interest. And I have recently published on how medieval material gets taken up on the Internet – specifically in the form of erotic stories addressed to an audience (primarily) made up of gay men.


I teach courses that include the whole range of medieval writing in English (from Beowulf to Chaucer to fifteenth-century drama and poetry) and in the continental European languages. A particular interest in my teaching is medieval religious interaction (among Christians, Jews, Muslims, and pagans), and I also teach the English Department’s courses on “the literature of the Bible.” I have, as well, longstanding teaching interest in the history of the English language, and in literary theory, especially feminist and queer theory.



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