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MA in Media Studies

Black Lives Matter  

As members of the MA program in Media Studies at Queens College, we declare our opposition to the racial terror and state-sanctioned violence that shape the lives of Black people in the United States. We share the sorrow and rage of our community and stand in solidarity with protests against police brutality. We hold ourselves accountable to work against the policing of CUNY and Queens College. This statement affirms our commitment to anti-racist practice and our pledge to use our skills and resources to advance the production of knowledge for social justice. Black lives matter.

This statement is adapted from the CUNY Graduate Center’s statement on Black Lives Matter and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.


MA in Media Studies  

The Master of Arts in Media Studies
Media + Social Justice

The MA in Media Studies is a 30-credit program combining theory, practice and real-world engagement. We are a community of activists, makers, artists and researchers working to effect social change through media, as well as to understand the impact of media and technology on culture and society. Coursework introduces theoretical and practical methodologies spanning a range of critical areas including race and gender issues, urban development, economic and social justice, political activism, environmental responsibility, ethnicity, cognitive liberty, commodity culture, and cultural identity.

Potential students include activists, NGO employees, independent scholars, current media professionals, political, legal, and economic analysts, artists or others looking for an intellectual environment in which to challenge conventional understanding of the media in order to engage purposefully with a range of vital issues - from the environment, race and gender discrimination, to income inequality, and the impact of commodity capitalism.

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*New* Accelerated MA Program in Media & Social Justice

The Department of Media Studies offers an Accelerated MA in Media & Social Justice for eligible Media Studies majors and, on a case-by-case basis, majors in other humanities and social science disciplines. 

If your interests as an undergraduate gravitate toward the ways that the media are linked to forms of social inequality and injustice, the MA in Media & Social Justice will interest you. Joining the Accelerated MA program allows you to take graduate courses focused on unjust and unequal forms of media power and ways to confront them.

How it Works
Students admitted to the Accelerated MA program can take up to four MA electives while completing the BA and have these electives (up to a total of 12 credits) count toward the BA and the MA in Media & Social Justice. For Media Studies majors, these graduate credits count as electives for your major. For students in majors other than Media Studies, these graduate credits count towards the 120 total credits required of all Queens College bachelor’s degrees (not as part of your undergraduate major).

Students are admitted to the Accelerated MA Program with the expectation that they will prove capable of continuing on to the MA program after they complete their undergraduate studies. Students may be approved for entrance to the MA program based on successful performance in graduate-level courses and a completed MA application including an essay and two letters of recommendation. Students in the Accelerated MA program are under no obligation to apply for MA admission and are not guaranteed acceptance to the MA program if they apply.

Who Can Apply
Students with a minimum 3.5 GPA in their major and an overall GPA of 3.0 and who are in their upper sophomore or junior year (or approximately when students have reached 45-75 undergraduate credits and before reaching 120 credits). Prior to reaching 120 credits, the 12 credits of graduate courses will be billed at the undergraduate rate.

How to Apply
Log into the Accelerated Degrees Online Application System using your QC username and password (CAMS account credentials, not CUNYFirst) and submit your application.

The application requires:

  • A 500-word personal statement describing your career goals and explaining how the social justice theme emphasized in the MA program influences these career goals. Please upload the personal statement with your application.
  • The names of two Media Studies faculty members who can serve as your references (no formal letters of recommendation are required). Provide the two faculty members’ names in the section titled “Name of Reference” in the online application.

For More Information
Interested students should contact the MA Director for more information.


 Office Information

Roopali Mukherjee
Media Studies Masters Program

Laboratory for Digital Humanism Podcast


 Colloquia Schedule


Spring 2020

Due to COVID-19 concerns, all remaining events have been cancelled and will be rescheduled in the fall.

February 26: Brian Hughes
A Lone Wolf in the Hypertext: Radicalization Online

CANCELLED: March 18: Jennifer Rauch
Re-Imagining Luddism: Heroes and Villains, Cranks and Converts

CANCELLED: April 29: Sophie Ellman-Golan

Colloquia Schedule

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